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Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Alkham Church   Noted by Leland L. Duncan  

The following is as far as possible an exact transcription of Mr L.L. Duncan's field notebook for the M.I.s in the Folkestone area where he seems have stayed during September and October 1891.  His notebook written up in his shorthand, in pencil, on the site leave something to be desired. The paper of the notebook has over time become somewhat dirty and aged but is an immensely valuable record of that date.
                                                                                 Transcribed and typed up by Christine Pantrey

Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

Notes from Alkham Churchyard.

In Western part of Churchyard.
236. William GAMBRILL eldest son of William and Mary Ann Gambrill of the parish of Hawkinge (born 1802) died June 18th 1866 aged 34.

237. John GAMBRILL of Park Farm, Folkestone, (father of the present John Gambrill of Park) (born 1812) died 21st December 1874 aged 62. Maria Gambrill his wife died 14th September 1882 aged 67. Thomas Gambrill of Coolinge Farm, Folkestone Son-in-law of above (born 1835) died 30th November 1883 aged 48.

238. Austin Valentine GAMBRILL Beloved child of John and Maria Gambrill of Park Farm in the parish of Folkestone died 20th July 1856 aged 14. Also Thomas William died 20th November 1854 aged eight months.

239. Thomas GAMBRILL late of this parish (born 1725) died 6th July 1808 aged 83 years. Left surviving by Judith his wife two sons: Thomas and William. A loving husband lies buried here A tender parent a friend sincere.

240. Judith GAMBRILL wife of Thomas Gambrill late of this parish (born 1730) died 27th September 1815 aged 85. She was the dearest blessing Heaven could send The faithful wife, the mother and the friend.

241. William GAMBRILL late of this parish (born 1766) died 17th December 1826 aged 60. Leaving issue with Ann his wife five sons and three daughters.

242. Ann GAMBRILL late of this parish (born 1768) died 17th December 1840 aged 62. (?82) Left issue five sons.

243. Ann and Judith GAMBRILL daughters of William and Ann Gambrill. The former (born 1815) died 8th August 1828 aged 13. The latter (born 1822) died 6th May 1829 aged 7.

244. Susanna wife of Richard AUSTEN and eldest daughter of William and Ann GAMBRILL (born 1800) died 9th April 1836 in 36th year.

On the left of path to porch:-
245. Mr Richard THOMAS, gent of the parish of Alkham died February 13th 1759 aged 86. Left one son and one daughter: John and Elizabeth.

246. Elizabeth wife of Richard THOMAS of this parish Died 14th August 1754 aged 87.

247. Ann wife of John THOMAS ye Elder died 12th December Anno Domini 1700 aged 69. Left three sons and one daughter.

248, Mrs Elizabeth wife of Mr John THOMAS of Alkham died 4th March 1795 aged 80.

249. Mr John THOMAS of Alkham Died 7th January 1794 aged 85.

Opposite the porch:-
250. Thomas VALYER Died August 10th 1736 aged 80. Left three sons and one daughter.

251. Margaret wife of Thomas VALYER Died 14th June 1756 aged 91. Left two sons.

252. Thomas MARSH of Caple Died April 15th 1763 aged 53. Left one son and four daughters.

253. Susanna wife of Edmund SPAIN died ye 8th Aprill 1753 aged 62 . Left three sons.

254. Edmund SPAINE died 21st December 1764 aged 76.

255. John SPAIN of this parish, died 28th February 1800 in 84th year. Left Mary his wife and one son.

256. Mary wife of John SPAIN Died 13th December 1817 aged 86. Left one son.

257. John SPAIN died 29th March 1840 aged 83. He served as a Volunteer in the American war under Captain
THORNTON and in the French war under Captain SOLLY who commanded the Dover Companies.

258. Thomas SPAIN, 28th May 1868 aged 56.

259. For CLARINGBOULD stones in this yard see ‘Post’ (9- leaves).

In Alkham Church there are two heraldic ledger slabs in the chancel and two or three in the North aisle – otherwise there are no memorials, the church having been "thoroughly restored". The yard is not a large one and might be completely catalogued in a couple of hours – Situation – charming. 29th September 1891.

South West part.

290. Israel CLARINGBOULD of this parish (born 1787) died 26th December 1884 aged 97. Mary his wife (born 1790) died 4th November 1873 aged 83. Left surviving four sons and one daughter.

291. Mary COCK late of Dover (born 1792) died at Alkham 26th August 1871 aged 79. Also near lies William CLARINGBOULD brother of above (born 1794) died 26th November 1869 aged 75. Also Richard COLLARD died 23rd August 1872 aged 82. Catherine wife of above Richard Collard (born 1786) died 30th May 1875 aged 89.

292. Mary CLARINGBOULD, (born 1755) died 22nd February 1820 aged 65. John Claringbould husband of above (born 1756) died 13th January 1850 aged 94. Edward COCK grandson of above died 25th December 1855 aged 30. Helen daughter of above died 11th November 1850 aged 9 years. Mary Sargient Tomlin COCK died 19th December 1858 aged 37.

293. Elizabeth CLARINGBOULD (born 1790) died 9th August 1860 aged 70. Filmer Claringbould Died 21st July 1842 aged 15, Richard CLARINGBOULD her brother (born 1799) died 10th December 1835 aged 36.

See Claringbould pedigree further on:-

Alkham 3rd October 1891.

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Some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1759, added 8th June 2007

Kindly typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In the Chancell.
1. On a Flat Stone. Semueli POWNOLLO, olim Ecclesiae hujus Vicario, qui obijt 5 Jan. 1673/74
*. Aetatis suae 84. Hic juxta posita est, sub eodem Marmore, Frances, praedicti Samuelis Uxor. obijt illa … Maij 1683. Aetatis suae 83. Monumentum hoc, Pietatis erga Parentes Argumentum, Voluntati Patris Morem gereus Johannes POWNOLL. 1684. *Bur. 6 Jan 1675-6 – Psh.Reg. Real date is 3 Jan 1675-6 (see Frampton).

2. On Another Flat Stone
. [A chevron betw. 3 lions rampant]. Here lieth The Body of John POWNOLL, Gent. who departed this Life a Bachelder, ye 26th of Aug. 1709 (bur. Aug. 30 1709 – Psh.Reg) in The 80th Year of his Age. He was Prudent, Charitable, Just, Sober, Prosperous, a Peace Maker, and chief Pillar in his Family. Here also lieth his youngest Sister Anne who departed this Life the 7th of Sept. 1710 (bur. Sept.11 1709 – Ibid), in the 71st Year of her Age; who married 2 Husbands, Richard NEWMAN, Gent, and John THOMAS, deceased; and had 1 Son by her former Husband named Samuell, who hath survived her

3. As They were one in Blood, by Birth, Were one in Unity, And dwelt together in one House, And in one Grave do lye. Sin brought in Death, Christ purchas’d Life for Sinners He did dye. Their Sins he bare, gave
(really, give) Righteousness, Thus God doth justify.

4. On The Verge, or Edge, of a very Ancient Marble, shaped life a Coffin, and raised about a Foot from the Ground, close to the South Wall, in very old Characters. + Hic Jacet Herbertus Simonis PROLES, Vir apertus; Ad Bona Spe certus, Fidei Sermone disertus.

5. On a Flat Stone. [A saltire, in chief a cresct. for diffce. (SLATER)]. (SMITH says "several flat stones" to Slaters, etc, "all very late"). Here lieth The Body of Mr George SLATER of Wiltshire, Gent & was Lay Parson of this Parish, who departed this Life April ye 2d. 1709 (bur. Apr.10 1709 – Psh.Reg) aged 55 Years. Under the North Side of this Stone lieth the Body of Mrs. Mary Slater, Relict of the above mentioned Mr George

6. SLATER, she departed this Life the 25th of August 1711. Aged 57 Years.
(Bur. Aug.26 1711 – Psh.Reg).

7. On Another Flat Stone.
[Erm. on a \ sa. 3 acorns or (DAWLINGE) imp. SLATER, without diffce]. Here lyes The Body of the Revd. Mr John DAWLINGE who was Vicar of this Parish 30 Years. He departed this Life the 22d. of Oct. 1725 (B.F’s error for 23d. ob. 23, Sep. 29 Oct. 1725 – Psh.Reg). Aged 56 Years; and left Issue 2 Sons and 3 Daughters.

8. On Another Flat Stone.
[SLATER, without diffce. imp. A + betwn. 4 lions passt. (CHANDLER)]. M.S. Here lieth The Body of Elisabeth The Wife of Ward SLATER of Alcham, Gent; and Daughter of Matthew CHANDLER, Esq. and Eliz. his wife, of Maidstone. She fell from her Horse, Feb.10 and was deprived of her Leg and Life Feb.13 1732/33, (bur. Feb.17 1732(3)Ibid). Aet. 38, after she had been married about 3 Months. Reader, wouldst thou, like her, behold Death without Terror, Follow the Innocence & Piety of her Life. Descended of that very ancient Family of The PEECHES, of this County.

9. On Another.
(Shd. have Arms – SLATER wt. martlet in chief for diffce). Here lieth the Body of Ward SLATER, Gent. The Youngest Son of Mr George Slater of Wiltshire. He was Lay Parson of this Parish, and died the 20th of November 1733 (bur. Nov.25 1733 – Ibid). Aged 47 Years, and left no Issue surviving.

10. On Another. Here lieth interred the Body of Mr. George SLATER of Dover, Son of Mr George Slater (who was Lay Parson of this Parish). He had Issue by Mary his beloved Wife 3 Sons, and 2 Daughters, and departed this Life the 20th Day of April 1715
(bur. Apr.24 1715 – Ibid). Aged 31 Years. Also here lies the Body of Ward Slater, Son of Mr George Slater and Mary his Wife; who departed this Life the 12th Day of August 1716 (bur. Aug.16 1716 – Ibid). Aged 10 Months.

11. On Another. In Memory of Robert WELLARD Esq. and of Mary his second Wife. He was Town Clerk of Dover from the Year 1718, Register of Dover from ye Year 1726, Secretary of Appeals to The Honourable the LORD CHANCELLOR HARDWICKE from the Year 1736 to his Death, and Mayor of Dover in the Year 1741. He departed this Life Nov. 2 1744 aged 54 Years, leaving Issue by Anne his first Wife (a Descendant of Bishop JESON) 3 Sons, Jeson, Alexander and Robert; and by his second Wife (who died March 30 1739 aged 50 Years) 2 Sons, Charles and John.

12. On a Neat Monument, on The N. Wall
. ([SLATER imp. DAWLINGE]. (This mont. shows Slater is Or, a Near This Place lies interred the Body of Mrs Sarah Slater, Wife of Ward Slater, gent, who departed this Life 25 April 1720 (bur. Apr.29 1720 – Psh.Reg), aged 38 Years. She had Issue 2 Sons, viz: the first Stillborn, and lies near her Grave; and Ward, her second, lies interr’d with her, who died Jan.11 1719/20, (bur. Jan.15 1719(20) – Ibid) aged 11 Months.

13. On a Flat Stone. Here lieth The Body of Sarah SLATER, Wife of Ward Slater, Gent, who died Apr. 25 1720. Aged 38 Years. Also her Son Ward, who died Jan.11 1719/20 aged 11 Months.

In The North Chancell.
14. On a Flat Stone – with this Coat.
[Erm. on a bend sa. 3 roses arg. (EDOLPHE)]. Here lieth buried the Body of Sr. Thomas Edolphe of St. Radigund’s in the Parish of Polton (see Dr. Packe’s Chart) Knt. who departed this mortal Life the *.. Day of … Anno Dni 16.., Aetatis suae .. *These Blanks seems never to have been supplied.

15. One other Flat Stone not legible – Agst. ye N.Wall are 9 Gothick Arches, supported by Pillasters. They seem to have been Stalls. This Chancell is very large & high.

In The Body. There is neither Stone, nor Inscription.

16. In The South Isle. There is nothing remarkable, except a Nitch and Pedistal for an Image, in the East Wall.

17. This Church consists of The Great and North Chancells, Body, and South Isle. In The Tower, which is cap’t by a low Spire, hang 4 Bells, all cast by John HODSON, 1683.

18. In The Church Yard, on an Altar Tomb. Here lieth interred the Body of the Revd. Mr Richard PYKE, who was Curate of this Parish, and the adjoining Parish of Capell Le Ferne, 28 Years; and Sequestrator of The Parish of Ewell. He died Oct. 1751 Aged 55.

20. Two other Altar Tombs without Inscription.


22. This Church is dedicated to St. Anthony. It is a Vicarage (with Capell le Ferne annext) in the Patronage of the A. Bishop. The present Vicar is The Revd. Mr R. SMITH 1759.
(Non resident, lived at Hythe at time of Secker’s 1758 Visn. Coll. 17 Dec. 1747, ob. 1772).

Index of Names and Places

COCK 291, 292
Edolphe 14

Filmer 293
GAMBRILL 236-244

SLATER 5-10, 12, 13

SPAIN 253-258
THOMAS 245-249, 2, 21
Tomlin 292
VALYER 250, 251, 21
Alcham 8

Caple 252
Dover 291, 10, 11
Maidstone 8

Ewell, Kent 19
Folkestone –
   Coolinge Farm 237
   Park Farm 237, 238

St. Radigund’s, Polton 14
Wiltshire 5, 9
American war 257
Army Dover Companies 257
Captain 257
French War 257
Mayor 11
Town Clerk 11

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