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Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter Number 10 Winter 1986


Page 1   Fifty Years of Swanscombe Man (Exhibition) by Peter tester

Page 2   Archaeology at Work,  Sevenoaks  Sat 29th September report by Ted Connell

Page 3   Illustrating Archaeology by Rod Le Gear
                Estate Map of the Manor of Tremworth by Tim Tatton-Brown

Page 4   The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments in Kent by Sarah Pearson

Page 5   The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments in Kent continued

Page 6   Excavations at Lullingstone Roman Villa and Richborough Castle by Peter Wilson
                New books - Defending London's River - The Story of the Thames Forts 1540-1945
                   by Victor Smith

Page 7   K.A.S. Centenary Excursion April 1986 to Holland
                Letters - Boat Houses from Mary Thomson

Page 8   A Brief Interim Report on the Excavations carried out for the K.A.S. at
                   Godmersham Court lodge - 1985 by Tim Tatton-Brown
                Kent Archives Office - Searchroom - Now Officially Open

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