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Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter Number 8 Winter 1985


Page 1   Margate: Northdown Excavation Completed by George Smith
                Billingsgate Pottery Dumps by Chris St. John Breen

Page 2   West Malling Photography project by Gillian Grawley

Page 3   Excursions - Woolwich Sat 15th June, Barns of Kent Sat 13th July,
                   Medieval London Sat 14th September
                Industrial Archaeology - Natural Energy Sat 13th April  Canterbury

Page 4   Excavations at Oldbury Hill 1984 by Hugh Thompson

Page 5   Archaeology at Work, Faversham 29th September - report by Allen Grove

Page 6   Bookshelf - Interpreting pottery by Anne Anderson.
                   The Pottery Kilns of Britain by Vivien G. Swan
                   Kentish Visitations of Archbishop William Warham & his Deputies 1511-1512
                       Edited by K.K. Wood-Leigh. New Maidstone Goal by C.W. Chalklin

Page 7   Letterbox - Moated Sites Research from T.A. Hollobone.
                   The Kentish Estes Journal from Christine Dunn.
                   Farm Buildings Handbook from Nigel Harvey
                   Henry Stopes and Benjamin Harrison from Ronald Jessup 

Page 8   Archaeological Illustration: A One Day Symposium Sat 19th January 1985
                Second Romano-British Pottery Workshop 23rd March at Canterbury.
                Billingsgate Pottery Dumps continued from page 1.
                Lecture Diary - Meetings, day Schools & Weekend Course.
                Field courses at Butser Ancient Farm Project

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