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Victoria County History of Kent Vol. 3  1932 - Text of the Domesday Monachorum - Page 253



   The ‘Domesday Monachorum’ is a beautiful manuscript, preserved in the Cathedral library in Canterbury.1   Part of the so-called Domesday of the Monks was printed by Somner in The Antiquities of Canterbury (pt. I, App. 40); it is also printed in small part in Dugdale’s Monasticon (vol. i, p. 100 et seq), and in Ballard’s Eleventh Century Inquisition (Records of Social and Economic History, vol. iv) and is referred to, none too adequately, by the Historical Manuscripts Commission (Eighth Report, p. 315). All these excerpts are incomplete, and hence far from satisfactory, and a complete edition of the manuscript has been much needed. Somner’s reading, the best for the part he covers, differs sufficiently from that of the Canterbury manuscript to suggest that he had access to another version of the Survey. The spelling sometimes varies ; the figures he gives are sometimes different; and more significant is an addition of several words to the account of Sandwich. Reference has been made to the more important of these variations in the notes to the following translation.2
   A somewhat full discussion of the significance of the Domesday of the Monks and its place in general Domesday literature is given in Dr. Ballard’s introduction to the Excerpts relating to St. Augustine’s, mentioned above, although the few passages he actually quotes are inserted only for purposes of comparison with the Excerpts and with the Exchequer Domesday. It is not necessary to repeat here his conclusions, which are easily accessible. The date of the handwriting he places in the early 12th century. The entries
   The writer has to thank Dr. Bickersteth and Dr. Cotton for an opportunity to examine it and Dr. Cotton for help in several matters of interpretation. The custodians of the library have also permitted the making of a photograph, which will ultimately be placed in the library of the Institute of Historical Research in London.
   The title page, with a table of contents, is added in a modern hand to the manuscript; it forms fol. i, and reads as follows :—Domesday Monachorum, Christ Church, Canterbury, MSS. E., 28.
    1. Customs of the Archbishop from Priests and Churches at Easter; 2d, Dues from the Monastery of St. Augustine to Christ Church; 3d, Churches belonging to St. Martin’s, Dover, etc. ; 4th, Ancient Institutions before Lanfranc; 5th, Rome Scot of East Kent; 6th, Manors of the Archbishop ; 7th, Manors of the Monks; 8th, Manors of the Archiepiscopate, Manors of the Monks in Kent. N.B.—These two articles are in Domesday Book, from which they appear to be transcribed; but the transcript in which are several Saxon letters, is very ancient—see Somner’s Antiquities, by Battely, pt. i, app. No. 40. 9th, Lands of the bishoprick of Rochester; 10th, Other customs and tenures taken likewise probably from Domesday Book; 11th, Soldiers of the Archbishop; 12th and 13th, Short histories relating to the Church in 1181 and 1182 ; 14th, Archbishop Richard’s (who died in 1184) declaration of William of Ainesford’s donation of the Church of Ainesford to the Convent of Christ Church ; 15th, William (grandson of the former William), of Ainesford’s charter confirming his grandfather’s donation ; and 17th, William of Ainesford’s acquittance of the Prior and Convent from the payment of 100 marcs from the oblations at Becket’s tomb. Written by W. Norris, auditor of Christ Church,? 1757. Dr. G. Ward points out, however, that this table of contents cannot be ascribed to Norris as the paper on which it is written is watermarked 1800.

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