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Victoria County History of Kent Vol. 3  1932 - Romano-British Kent - Roads - Page 134b


   In Kent there is only one road—the so-called Watling Street1a —that can definitely be called a Roman main road. Other roads or tracks which may be particularly identified within the county are, for the most part, tributaries of this main thoroughfare, and of little more than local importance.
   (1)  The London road focuses the cross-channel traffic at Canterbury, and thence follows the strike of the Tertiary rocks to Rochester. From that place, the lowest point at which the Medway could conveniently be bridged, it ran parallel to the Thames to London. It will be convenient to consider first the four branches which served the coastal ports, and joined the main road to Canterbury.
   This section has been written by Mr. Ronald F. Jessup, who desires to acknowledge valuable assistance from Mr. O. G. S. Crawford.
   1a  When the name of Wading Street was extended to this road is not known; probably it was used by medieval or later antiquaries who held it to be a continuation of the Wroxeter (and Chester)—London road,

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