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Victoria County History of Kent Vol. 3 - 1932
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              Romano-British Kent - Country Houses - Pages 102 to 127

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Plate 16 Burham Mithraic Chamber - Eastern End.JPG (189390 bytes) Plate 17c West Wall Interior, Chalk Blocks.JPG (57384 bytes) Plate 18b Darenth Villa semicircular cistern.JPG (176619 bytes) Plate 19a Darenth Villa showing chalk blocks.JPG (182397 bytes) Plate 20a Darenth Villa showing hypocaust in Room 21.JPG (167725 bytes) Plate 21a Plan of Folkestone Roman Villa.JPG (258800 bytes)
Plate XVI Plate XVII Plate XVIII Plate XIX Plate XX Plate XXI
Plate 22a Aerial photograph of Folkestone Roman Villa.JPG (79046 bytes) Plate 23 Plan of Roman Ruins in Dane Field, Hartlip.JPG (176635 bytes) Plate 24c Roman lamp from Keston.JPG (137274 bytes) Plate 25a Otford Villa  Bina Manu Fresco.JPG (186883 bytes) Plate 26a Plaxtol  Box flue tile.JPG (67530 bytes)
Plate XXII Plate XXIII Plate XXIV Plate XXV Plate XXVI

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