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Victoria County History of Kent Vol. 3  1932 - Editorial Note
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   Owing to various vicissitudes, and particularly to the troubles during and since the war, the publication of this volume has unfortunately been long delayed. The article on Romano-British Kent which was undertaken by the late Professor F. Haverfield was far advanced towards completion at the time of his death. The importance of the subject induced him to expend on it that meticulous care which made his work so valuable. Although some of his deductions regarding the history and development of the Saxon Shore have had to be modified in the light of later excavations at Richborough, Folkestone and elsewhere, his treatment of the subject will, it is hoped, be a lasting contribution to Romano-British history. The editor is much indebted to Dr. R. E. Mortimer Wheeler for undertaking the revision and completion of this article and for the assistance given in its compilation by Miss Margerie Taylor, so long associated with Professor Haverfield’s work, the Rev. C. Eveleigh Woodruff, Mr. R. F. Jessup and Mr. C. F. C. Hawkes. For reading the proofs and otherwise helping on this article the editor is indebted to Sir George Macdonald, Mr. R. G. Collingwood, Mr. H. T. Elgar, Mr. N. C. Cook and Miss J. C. Dodgson. With the exception of the translation of the Domesday text by the late Rev. F. W. Ragg which has been revised by the editor, the other sections of this volume have either been newly written or have been revised and brought up to date by their authors.
     In the peculiarly difficult task of the identification of place-names in the Kent Domesday Text and Domesday Monachorum, the editor wishes to express his gratitude for the help afforded by Dr. Gordon Ward, Mr. H. H. Knocker, Mr. E. C. Matthews, Mr. E. S. M. Perowne, Dr. Rose Graham and Miss J. Churchill, and also to the Rev. Dr. Samuel Bickersteth and the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury for permission to photograph the MS. of the Domesday Monachorum preserved in their library.
   The editor desires to express his gratitude to Mr. S. C. Ratcliff for information as to ‘the Custom of Kent,’ Mr. W. H. Aymer Valance, Mr. Richard Croker, Mr. Eustace Craig and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for information regarding the industries of the county. He has also to thank Mr. O. G. S. Crawford, Mr. S. E. Winbolt, Mr. J. P. Bushe-Fox, Mr. G. C. Druce, Major Gordon Home, the late Mr. William Whiting, Miss Jessie Mothersole, the Kent Archaeological Society, the Society of Antiquaries of London, the British Academy, the Clarendon Press, the Controller of H.M. Stationery Office, the Director— General of the Ordnance Survey and the Secretary of the Air Ministry for permission to reproduce plans and other illustrations and for the loan of blocks and photographs.

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