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Wye - Wills - William Frognal 1518

William FROGNALL 1518 Will – PRC 17/13/284 CCA - kindly submitted by Ronnie Munday

In the name Amen the xviii day of July the year of our Lord God 1518. I William Frognall husbandman being in good mind and memory make my testament in this man[ne]r. First I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God our Lady Saint Mary and all the Company of heavyn My body to be buried in the churchyard of Saint Gregory in Wye.
   First, I bequeath vis xiiiid to the High Aut [Alter]. Item I bequeath iiis iiiid to our Lady Light. Item I bequeath to B [brother] Willm Kyng iiis iiiid to sing iii masses of our Lady. Item I bequeath to our Lady Light xxd Item I bequeath a trentall [30] of masses to be sung for me [xs?] after the mind of my justly Father.
   Item, I bequeath to Katerine my wife Muddleford (Middleford?)[Mideford] land and 3 acres land for the term of her life.
   Item, I bequeath to Michael my son this my farm and the lands belonging to it, at 21 [xx?] years of age, his mother’s land except the said Michael paying to his brother John xxli nobles paying v nobles a year till it cu[m] uppe. Item I bequeath Harry my son all the land lying beneath the hill in [yusley?] & [-] p[a/o?]rke litill Johne and an acre of land lying beside [Bartey?] when he cometh to the age of 21 xxiiii years.
   And if Harry dies before he be 21 xxiiii years and also Michael, I will that John my son shall have all the said lands.
   I bequeath to Johane my daughter v [?] of barley to be paid the year next after my decease. Item, I bequeath to Alis my daughter v [?] of barley to be paid within ii year next after my death. Item,to Wilimena my daughter v [?] of barley to be paid ii years after that. Item I bequeath to Agnes my daughter x [?] of barley to be paid in iiii years after that. Item I will that if any of my daughters die that part shall be distributed unto all my other daughters before the time of marriage.
   Also and if my wife be with childe if it be a man kind I will that my son Michael shall pay to it x marks and if it be a woman kind it shall have v [?] of barley as the other sisters had.
   Item, I will if all my sons die my lands to be sold willing to have a priest singing for me and my wife for my Fadres soul my modres soule and all my frendes soules The said priest having x marks And my daughters shall have each of the them v marks paid the money that the land is sold for.
Item, if the land be sold, I bequeath to the church of Wye xls, to the church of Hastingle xls , to the church of Crundall xls , to the church of Brook xxs ; to each one of my godchildren iiiid . Item, I make Katryn my wife and John my son my executors.
   Also I bequeath to William Bett myne [?] for his labour vis xiiid . The residue of my goods I give to my executors willing my feoffees to sell my lands and not my executors [if he is?] burying witness B Willm Kyng, William Bett, Harry Coffyn, John Freman and Johane Allard.
   Item I bequeath to Milisant my daughter next after Ales ii years v quart barley. I will that Katerine my wife shall have the p[ro]fette of all my lands until the time that Harry, my son, come to the age of xiiii years, the keeping the reperacion, well and sufficiently .
   Also I will that Katerine my wife pay to Harry, my son when he cometh to the age of 21 xxiiii years ii quarters of wheat and iiii quarters of barley. The residue of my goods my debts & bequeaths paid I will to my executors.
   Probate xxvii September
1 There is a Barty Farm and Field in Bearsted Kent some 21 miles away from Wye
2 Probably current day Hastingleigh
3 Probably current day Crundale

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