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Dr William Hardman's Researches of Nonington and other Parishes

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A list of documents mentioned in Box PMP Box 27-01 1548-1649 - typed up by Pat Tritton

Where the individual page numbers are in blue and underlined, this indicates that the transcription has been added, 
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Places mentioned in Kent

Names mentioned

Page No


  & sale

manors messes tents rents sute & service in Goodneston.
Crykssole, Goodneston.
Strete of Rollyng

Thomas Hamon of Nonnyngton, William Idley of Geedneston.
William Quylter Symon Gasby 
John Godfrey. Robert Cok


1553-02-27 Conveyance Goodneston & Nonyngton John Veryar. Northborne. 
William Vewe. Edward Tuck. William Idley. William Norton, Henry ffrankelyn
1555-04-30 Award Mounton, Chillenden William Quylter, Thomas Harflete - Harplete, John Walker, William Hyeld.Henry Norton. Thomas Hamon 04
1569-01-14 Release of
    Manor of Hame.
William Scott, Iden, Thomas Hamon, Nonygton. William Woodman. John Deerton. William Scotte. Simon Cason, Pantri. 07
1595-04-20 Conveyance Cladhams. Shortfare. 
Stephen Clarke, Nonington, Alice Falkener, Sandwich. Christopher Creake. Edward Boys, Richard Welsh. Edward Hammon. John Chamberlaine. Stephen Bayly, John Welshe.. Stephen Creak 09
1600-11-15 Conveyance Nonington Sampson ffayermone, Littleborne, Olive ffalkner, Sandwich, Thomas Nethersole, Barham. Edward Butter. Stephen Creake. 11
1603-06-25 Conveyance Nonington Stephen Nethersole, Nonynton, FJosephe Brydge, Canterbury, Elianor Hyde, Canterbury. Philemon Pownall. 12
1603-09-09 Will St Albans Court
Thomas Hamon, London. Jane & Henry Wayland, Ivechurch, John Hamon. Edward Hamon 13
1607-01-01 Grant to
 son for life
St Albans Court. Manor of 
   Guston Fleets, Ashe
Edward Hammond. John Hammond, London. 14
1607-01-02 Grant of
Nonyngton, Chillenden,
  Ashe next Sandwich
Edward Hammonde, Sir Thomas Hardres, Sir Anthony Aucher, William Hamonde, Elizabeth Aucher 15
1607-01-20 Marriage
Nunnyngton, Chilleden Courts, Northborne, Goodneston, Wingham, Worde (Worth), Ashe.
Manor of Guston Fleete
Edward Hamonde, Sir Thomas Hardres, Sir Anthony Aucher, William Hamonde, Elizabeth Aucher 16
1610-04-02 Letters
from Dean & Chapter,
John Alsop 17
1615-09-20 Will Eastry, Nonington, Ash, Goodneston, Chillenden, Word, Norborne, Sholden Edward Hamond of Nonington 18
1617-05-31 Bargain &
Nonington Sir John Wilde, Canterbury, John Welche, Boughton Aluph. Sir Edward Boys, John Jordan. Sir William Narbrow. Jon Hammond. Richard Welche. Robert Bayly, John Philpott, Richard Bayly. Nicholas Creake, Stephen Creake 21
1623-07-12 Will mutilated & indistinct Richard Welche, Great Chard 23
1624-03-30 Letters
from Dean & Chapter,
Launcelott Lovelace 24
1624-10-29 Order of
parsonage of Stodmarsh Philemon Pownall, Clerk & Mayor of Canterbury 25
1627-09-27 Bargain &
3 messes, Kings St,
   St Georges St,
Robert Broome, Symon Broome, Alice Applebee, Christopher Applebee, Henrie Flatman. William Tourthogge, Henrie Bentham, Richard Warren, Edward Croyden Edwards, Robert Broome 26
1627-11-01 Bargain &
   Horton Kirbie (Kirby)
William Lane, Henry & Bridget Crudder of Collingborne, Ducis, Wilts. Henrie Rolt, Anne Walter 27
1631-01-02 Deed of
Ashe next Sandwich,
  Manor of Guston Ffleete,
Anthony & Francis Hammond, John Marsham, Halling, William Harrison, Woodnesborough. Thomas Huffam, Edward Gaye, John & William Taylor. Stephen Sollye 28
1633-04-17 Deed of
Manor of Estwall alias Esole alias Essole alias St Albans alias St Albans Court. Chillenden Court. Wingham, Goodnestone.Manor of Guston Ffleete, Ash.  Anthony & Robert Hammond, Ferdindando Marsham, William Harrison. Henry Toms. Edward Bridges. Stephen Kingsmill. Stephen Cosins. Stephen Solly. William Bax.  30
1633-06-19 Trust Deed
   of Lease
Recorty of Nonington & Wyminswold Robert Lewkenor of Acris, Hamon Lewkenor, Morris Abbott, William Kingsley, James Morley,  32
1633-10-12 Agreement for removal of Wardship Manor of Essole alias St Albans Court, Nunnington. Manor of Guston Fleete, Ash. Chillenden. Manor of Hame. Anthony Hamond. William Scott 33
1615 Valor of
Manor of Essole alias St Albans Court, Nunnington. Edward Hamond, Anthony
1633 ? Manor of Essole alias St Albans Court, Nonington. Manor of Guston Fleete, Ash. Chillenden. Manor of Hame.   37
1637-10-07 Lease Parsonage & rectory of
  Nonington & Womenswold
Hamon Lewknoe of Acris, Adam Sprakelings, St Lawrence, Thanet.
Damaris Kingsley.
1640-04-10 Covenant to
   levy fine
Nonington.  William & Thomes Homesby of Brook. Henry Huggins 41
1649-11-29 Deed correcting an error Ash near Sandwich Anthony & France  Hamond, Nonington. John Marsham of Haleing?. William Harrison of Woodnesborough 42

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