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Rentals of Kenderdenne alias Kennerden in Egerton 1580           
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Recyved of Sapherie Kennet of Bocton malharbe (Boughton Malherbe) in the countie of Kent husbondman by Thomas Wotton of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) aforssaide esquire to th'use of Edward Wotton of Bocton aforesaide esquire and of Hester his wyfe one yeres rennt or forme of 3 peeces of lande called Kenderdenne alias Kennerdenne in Edgerton in the countye of Kent aforesaide ended in the feaste of St Michaell th'archangell 1580. Xxxviijs xd ob qr

The whole rent resolute whereof
Paide unto the most excellent princessse oure moste gracious severaigne ladye Elizabeth (by tht grace of God) queene of Englande fraunce and Irelonde Defendor of the faith &e. as unto her mannoure of Charinge in Charinge in the countie of Kennt aforesaide thoroughe and by the handes of the Collectoure (for the tyme beinge) of the rennts of the mannoure of Charing aforesaide, for one yeares rennt of the 3 peeces of land aforesaide called Kennerdenne otherwayes called Kennerdenne ended in the saide feaste xjd ob q.r

The cleere totall somme
And so the rennt or ferme of the 3 peaces of land aforesaid called Kenderdenne otherwayes called Kennerdenne lyinge in Edgerton aforesaide, dothe in this yer come unto xxviij3 iiijd

The number of acres of errable pasture and meadowe lande in the 3 peeces of land aforesaide lyeingo in Edgerton aforsaide (measured with rodds of xvj foote and halfe a foote in lengthe dothe by estimation come unto 12 acres 24 perches

The interest of tho fermor
The 3 peeces of lande aforesaide eallsd Kenderdenne alias Kennerdenne lyeinge in Edgerton aforesaide ar at the will and pleasure of th saider Edwarde Wotton and Hester his wife withoute anye number of yeres certaine by woorde enlye dimised unto the saide Sapherie Kennet.

(Above is from an account book of Thomas Wotton dated 1580 and written in above inflated style. The book is in the hands of Mr Hinds solicitor of Goudhurst (now, in 1936 }and seems to cover the whole Wotton estate)

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