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Detling in Days Gone By - By I. Cave-Browne M.A. 1880


                                Front Cover                 Sketch of Detling Church 1880

Introduction, p. 3.

Detling —Its position, and extent, p. 5.

The Manor —Early mention of it, p. 6 ; In the Penenden Heath Trial, p. 6 ; In the Kent Fines, p. 7 ; Seized by Archbishop Boniface, p. 8 ; Restored to the Detlinge Family, ibid; Honorably mentioned in an "Aid" under Edward III., p. 9 ; Passed to the Townes of Throwley ; then to the Lewknors ; Sold to Earl Rivers, p. 10; Restored to Lewknors and divided, p. 11 ; The Detlinge Arms and Lance, p. n ; West Court, the original Manor House, p. 12 ; East Court, site of Pilgrims' Resting-house, p. 13 ; Converted into a dwelling, p. 14 ; New house built by Mr. J. S. Rugg, whose family bought other lands in the parish, p. 15.

Its Ecclesiastical connection with Maidstone ; Formerly had a resident Priest, p. 16 ; Attached by Archbishop Courtenay to his College at Maidstone, p. 17 ; Curate's Stipend, p. 18 ; Pension to Vicar, ibid n.; Augmentation Farms, ibid; Vicarial Tithes, p. 19-21.

The Church —Used for sanctuary in 1252, p. 21; Probable date of the various portions, p. 22 ; North Chancel, ibid; Detling "Lance," p. 23 ; Ancient Armour, ibid; The Lectern, p. 24-25; Pulpit, Font, Communion Plate, p. 26 ; Tower Bells, p. 27.

Monuments —Formerly brasses, p. 28 ; Tombstones and tablets in Church, Godfreye, Footes, Losacks, p. 29-31 ; Sharp, Cobb, p. 33 ; In North Chancel, Aliens, p. 34 ; Ruggs, p. 35-36 ; In the Churchyard, Rich, Lowdwell, p. 37 ; Greens, Dawson, p. 38 ; Stone, Alexander, Lye, p. 39 ; Chittenden, Cooke, Cobb, Walford, p. 40 ; Castle, Lightfoot, p. 41 , York, p. 42; The Yew Tree, p. 43.

The Vicars —Change of title from Curate to Vicar, p. 44 ; List of Vicars from 1570, p. 45-48.

The Parish —Sources of information, p. 48 ; No dignitaries but no rebels, p. 49 ; Change in appearance of village, p. 50 ; Old families—the Webbes, p. 51 ; Polhills, 52 ; and others ; The Cock Inn, p. 53 ; Rochester Bridge dues, p. 54 ; Miscellaneous extracts from Parish Books, p. 54-56.

The Charities —Very few Benefactions, p. 56 ; Non-resident Landowners, p. 57 ; . Sharpe's and Polhill legacies, p. 57 ; The Pall, p. 58; School Endowment, 

Conclusion p. 59 

Appendices:- A, B and C
A. — The Penenden Heath Trial, A.D. 1076, p. 60.
B. — The feud between William de Detlinge and Archbishop Boniface, p. 61. ,,
B*.— The homage of William de Detlinge to Archbishop Peckham, ibid. .,;
C.— The genealogy of the Detlinge family, p. 62.

Appendices:- D and E
D. — Old Inhabitants, according to Subsidy Rolls, p. 63. „
E. — Entries of the Webbe family, p. 64-65.

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