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An account of the Manor of Colbredge in Bockton (Boughton) Malherbe dated 1580
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An account of the manor in Colbredge in Bockton (Boughton) Malherbe taken from the account book of Thomas Wotton of Boughton Malherbe dated 1580 now in the hands of G. V. Hinds of Boudhurst.
Gordon Ward 1936.

3. 9. 3 received from Sapherie Kennet of B. (Boughton) Malherbe for one years rent of a messuage, &c, called Swetherndemne lying in the dennes of Swethernden & Edendenne in Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) aforesaid. 1580.
Also received for same 8 bushells of wheat at l0d per brashell.
Also "a good handsome orderlye and seasonable reapinge of viij acres of wheate" to be done in a piece of land called Goldehoordefeelde in Lenham. At 12d per acre.

Total rec'd 4. 3. 9d whereof -

Paid to the Queen as of her manor of Stalisfield 3d, by the hands of Christopher Hudsonne of Edgerton yeman, for rent and sute of the messuage and 2 peeces of land called (blank) 4 acres 1 roode 5 perches appertaining to the messuage and being in the denne of Stalisfield.

Paid more to the Queen's manor of Stalisfield by the hands of William Swethern, 2d, for one piece of land called the Hooke, 4 acres 32 perches, in the den of Stalisfield.

Paid more to same manor by same hands 2d for the Risshet, 3 acres 24 perches in the den of Stalisfield.

Paid to Sir Wm Dameshill knt as unto his parsonage of Bocton (Boughton) Alluphe (Aluph) "for one yeares rent, sute, hens and eggs" for seven pieces called Edendenne,13 acres 27 perches, in the denne of Edendenne in "Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) aforesaid", 2s.

Thus total outgoings are 2s 7d

The total land going with said messuage is 25 acres 1 roode and 28, perches. A woodland in Edendenne measures 1 roode 20 perches. This is reserved to Thos.Wotton.

All held at the will of Tho. Wotton.

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