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Rental of the Manor of Boughton Malherbe dated 1580                      
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The Manor of Boughton Malherbe, from the original MS Book in the hands of C.V. Hinds of Goudhurst. Extracted in brief and Englished by me Gordon Ward 1936.

The account of Sapherie Kennet of Bocton M. (Boughton Malherbe) collector, &c. 1580. Rents - Land called Stockinges alias Stockhammes, 2 acres, sometime John Spice, in Stonehouse Street in B.(Boughton Malherbe) Of the heirs of Robert son of Xpofer (Christopher) Stonehouse 
   7d   half a hen

Jenetmeade & Thommescombe, 6 acres, late John Spice, in Stonehouse Street, Of same heirs 
   21d  1 hens  4 eggs

Westfeelde at Stonehouse Street, Of Robt. Cheeseman 
   9d  1 cock   2 eggs

Glovers tenement, 1 acre, late Robt. Turnoure, in B.  Of Rd. Elviston clerk, in right of wife Johane, daur & heir of said Robt. T.   
   4d   7 eggs

Rogerscrofte and Holmeade alias Crokemeade alias Litlemeade, 5 acres, late Robt. Turnour, in B. Of last 
   14d   hen  5 eggs

Wooddes alias Barlingeslande, 4 acres 28 perches, Of last in right of wife as before
   2 eggs and for part of a hen 2d

Pirton and Southefeelde, 4 acres, late John Barlinge, in B., Of Rd. Elviston in right of his wife
   7d    1 hen   10 eggs
or  "A messuage or tenement called a kitchin and a garden called Hooker" late George Hudsonne at Grasteghe in B. Of  Hy a son of Geo. Hudsonne 8d, and for part of a hen 2d

(Here a note is inserted "This messuage or tenement as the saide Thomas Wotton supposeth was somtyme the kitchin of one John Edendenne " ) Rabbetteslande, 5 acres, late Geo. Hudsonne in B. Of Henry Hudsonne

Reynolds feelde and Colbredge lande, 7 acres, late Geo. Hudsonne,in B., of Hy. Hudsonne
   14d 1 hen, and for part of a hen d

Tenne acres, in three pieces, 10 acres, of Hy. son of Geo. Hudsonne
   20d 1 hen 5 eggs

Two pieces called Pope hole, 3 acres 1 roode, in B., late Geo. Hudsonne, of Thomas Tonge in right of wife Julyan relict of Geo. Hudsonne, yeoman,
   3d   half of d, & part hen for ld

Rabbetteslande, 2 acres in B, , Of Paule Reader, Stephen Lambyn, Calvyn Lambyn & Daniell Lambyn, sons and co-heirs of Anne, only daur and heir of Wm. Stonehouse, late the wife of Thomas Reader and of Wm. Lambyn
   4d    2eggs

Colmanscrofte, 4 acres in B., of Xpofer (Christopher) Badnore
   8d hen 5 eggs

Woocrofte, 10 acres, in B.of Xpofer (Christopher) Badnore
   15d   l hen   6 eggs

2 pieces called Halmans alias Millandes, 3 acres, in B., of last

Messuage, or orchard and garden called Shredde, and one piece called Popelande, 1 acre, of last
   2d    2 hens    12 eggs

Messuage garden and 5 peices called Fowlarstowne, Salterslande, Barne feild, Strake & Midle feelde, 16 acres in B. (Boughton Malherbe) Of  Xpofer (Christopher) Effle
   2s   1 cock   1 hen    9 eggs

"Landebye easte" a piece of land, 3 acres, in B. of last
   4d, and for part of a hen 1d

Messuage, barn and 2 peices, 6 acres, late Thos Ellet and his wife Susan, daur and heir of Rd. Swetherndenne yeoman decd, in B. (Boughton Malherbe), & for 2 other parcels, 8 acres, also called Landebye easte, Of last
   15d   1 cock   1 hen   6 eggs

Messuage and 2 peices, Homefeelde & Rabbetslande, at Grasteghe in B., of John & Edw Alleyne

Boucherscrofte, 3 acres at Grasteghe, of John & Edw. Alleyne
   4d    hen    2 eggs
(Bouchers croft is by deed holden by fealtie, sute, rent, relief and heriot. The relief is 4d)

Birehet & Sawestage crofte, 4 acres, Of John & Christopher Hayherste
   7d    1 hen    4 eggs

Longeham and Southe feelde, 7 acres, of the heirs of Geoffrey Badnore
   12d    1 hen

Messuage called Wooddesdenne and 7 peices, 18 acres, late Rd. Wilkin, of Walther Covert Esq
   2s 2d

The Denne of Saltkendenne
Land undescribed in the denne of Saltkendenne alias Sawkendenne in (parish not stated) in the county of Kent. Of Henry Gibbon
   23d    Five bushells of white salt (this salt is payable on August 1st at Bocton)

A messuage and 14 parcels in the denne of Saltkendenne in Tenterdenne (Tenterden) and Biddendenne (Biddenden). Of Peter Shorte
   23d    Five bushels of white salt

The Denne of Ringeshill
Flexelande and 5 pieces called Petlandes, 27 acres, in the D. of R. in Hedcrone (Headcorn), and 4 peices called Ringeshill in same, 15 acres, in Hedcrone (Headcorn), Of Sir Warham Sentleger
   8s l0d

Messuage and 33 acres in same denne in Hedcrone (Headcorn). Of - - - - - Silcocke
   5s 6d

41 acres in same denne in Hedcrone (Headcorn). Of - - - - - Braunche, widow, of London
   6s l0d

5 peices called Ringeshill and Howletts, 20 acres, late Eliz. Bordenne sister and heir of - - - - -Brdenne, in same denne. Of John Robyns in right of wife Thomasine, relict of John Idleye, yeinan, decd.
   3s 4d

4 peices called Tyrryesfeelds and Longe meadowes 9 acres, in same, of Xpofer (Christopher) Winbrooke

3 acres at Motegate in D. of R. in Hedcrone (Headcorn). Of last in right of wife Amye only heir of Tho. Little

4 peices called Clayhammes, 11 acres,in same. Of Arthur Reynold

1 acre, late John Hommersham, in same. Of heirs of Xpofer (Christopher) Felsham

Little croft, Long crofte and Gibbeshill, 8 acres, late Alex. Fishcocke, in same. Of Walther Tryce

2 pieces called Ringeshills, 5 acres, in same. Of the heirs of Xpofer (Christopher) Gardener

The Denne of Warlesdenne
Six pieces called Peers ashe, 25 acres in a denne called the denne of Warlesdenne in Hedcrone (Headcorn). Of Xpofer (Christopher) Hudsonne
   2s    1d    l hens

Five peices called Gloversbridge,10 acres, in same Of same

4 peices, 14 acres, in same. Of Roberte Hudsonne
   14d    1 hen

7 peices called Sowthetownes and Smithenhammes, 14 acres in same, of Xpofer (Christopher) Winbrooke
   14d    hen

2 peices called Chittendenneslande, 8 acres, late Walther Maynee Esq., in same. Of Alex. Hommersham
   8d    hen

2 pieces,8 acres, in same in Hedcron (Headcorn) and Bocton (Boughton Malherbe). Of John Sacreye
   8d    hen
N.B. The last is the only part of Warlesdenne which is said to be partly in Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) . Gordon Ward.

Sute of Courte
The following pay 4d each unless otherwise stated -
Walther Cobert Esq
Robert Stonehouse
Roberts Cheseman
Paule Reader
Stephan Lambyn
Calvyn Lambyn
Daniell Lambyn
heirs of Geoffrey Badnore
Tenants of the denne of Ringeshill - 18d
Tenants of the denne of Tarlesdenne - 10d
Henry e Gibbon as of the tenants of Saltkendenne - 4d
Peter Shorte, clothier, as of one other of the tenants of Saltkendenne 4d
Henrye Hudson

A double releefe of a messuage and 2 parcells, 6 acres, late Thomas Ellet and Susanne his wife, daughter and heir of Rd. Swetherendenne: and of 2 other peeces called Landbye easte 8 acres, late Thos. Ellet and Susanne, Of Xpofer (Christopher) Effle

Double releefe for Silcock lande in Hedcrone (Headcorn) 5s 6d

Double for Braunche land in Ringeshill 6s l0d

One releefe for Hy. Gibbon's land at Saltkendenne

All above acknowledged and paid at a court holden 2 Oct 1579 at Bocton (Boughton Malherbe).

TOTAL CHARGE of the accomptaunt - 4. 15. 4d

Cavell meade
This meade of 6 acres in B.ought (Boughton Malherbe) to be the site of hay-making services by the tenants but this has been discontinued.

All lands are held by heriot service. If there are several heirs each holding a portion of an old tenement, then each owes heriot for his portion. But it is not said what the heriot service consists in.

For a messuage called the Inne or Churchegate, and a litle yarde or courts and a little gardeyne ,part of the demesnes, beinge beside the Churche of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe). Of Xpofer (Christopher) Gates -

Smithes fforge
Of Thomas Porter, smythe, for a messuage called Smythes forge,yard, garden, part of demesnes, in B. (Boughton Malherbe)

Millers tenement
Of Thomas Smythe of B. (Boughton Malherbe) yeoman for a tenement called Millers tenement, garden, yard and two pieces of meadow, 5 acres 1 roode 3 perches, called Poolemeade oe Pondemeade:anf for Highe combe, 5 acres 20 perches, part of the demesnes
   12 chickens at 1d each

A Myll (Mill)
Of Alexander Northwoodde of B. (Boughton Malherbe) miller in grindinge of wheat for one years rent of a water mill in B. (Boughton Malherbe), the carrying and re-carryinge from the mill. 36 bushells are due as toll from the grinding of 72 quarters. They are charged 10d a bushel -

In grinding of rye. Three quarters 6 bushells ought to be ground free. On these the toll is bushel per quarter. Thus 1 bushels 6 gallons and one pottle are due, at 8d per bushel -

In grinding of "beere corne", 14 bushels. The toll as for rye. At 3d the bushel

In grinding malte. 95 quarters 2 gallons. Toll as for rye. At 3s 4d the bushel -

In grindinge barley e. 5 quarters. Toll as for rye. At 5d the bushel -

In grindinge otes. 44 quarters. Toll as for rye At 3d the bushel
   5s 6d

Epcelande (sic)
Of Edw. Stonehouse of B. (Boughton Malherbe) yeoman. for 2 pieces called Epcelande, 7 acres 3 roodes 18 perches, part of demesnes
   23s 4d

A hemp plat. The meadowe. The risshet. Woodcrofte. Busshie feelde. Parke feelde.
Contain 56 acres 18 perches. Demesne. Together lying in a parke called Southparke. In Lords hands. Valued at 2s per acre.

Gossiefeelde. Hames. Little wooddesdenne. Gonnildeland. Middle feelde.The Hill.
Contain respectively 6 acre 20 perches, 6 acres 1 roode, 11 pieces in 23 acres 6 perches, 5 acres 16 perches, 3 acres 3 roodes 10 perches and The Hill 2 acres 20 perches. Demesnes. All in Southeparke. In Lords hands.Valued at 2s each acre.

Wotton Lande.
8 pieces so called. 41 acres 15 perches.
Demesne. In Lords hands. Valued at 2s each acre.

Hooker meade. Humfrey meade. Gavell meade. Halmans. Brookemeade. Churchmeade. Longemeade.
These measure in order - 1 acre 24 perches, 9 acres 1 roode 16 perrhes, 5 acres 4 perches, 4 acres 1 roode, 5 acres 25 perches,5 acres 3 roodes 10 perches,15 acres. All demesnes. Valued at 2s 6d per acre. In Lords hands.
(At this point the scribe gets tired of putting words (as underlined above) both in margin and in text and so puts them in text only)

Longecombe 3.1.13.
Little combe 1.1.0
Swynescombe 3.2.14
Pisinge combe -2.0.5
Giles 2.2.5
All demesne. worth 2s per acre, In Lords hand.

The Helde 0.3.28
Westfeelde 13.0.16
All demesne. worth 2s per acre.In Lords hands.

The Scite. rated at 20s . In hand.

An Orcharde. 3.1.16 worth 2s per acre. In hand.

A Strake 2.3.34
Great Milfeelde 14.0.28
Little Milfeelde. 7.1.0
All demesne. at 2s per acre.In hand.
Hemmynge Dane 10.0.36
All demesne,etc.

The following lands are also listed at great length as part of the demesnes now in the hands of the Lord. It is clear that the scribe is making the very most of particulars which could be compressed into a page or two. He takes 30 pages. (Gordon Ward).

Preston croft alias Personnes crofte 2.2.36
Longe Crofte 2.3.0 22.0.10
Personage lande, both late part of rectory of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) & now demesne
Eastfeelde 28.2.4

Cheryelles 5.0.24 of pasture

Easte hill 18.3.0
Tilehoste leaze 21.3.24
Greate Newlande 28.2.7
Longe crofte 1.3.12 138 acres together in the
Little Newlande 9.0.0 Olde deere Parke
Lower leaze 14.1.0
Upper leaze 15.2.0
West Hill 28.2.0

A hoppe gardeyne 1.2.12
Another hoppe gardeyne 1.3.26 at 2s per acre

2 acres lying beside the hoppe gardeyne aforesaid

The Vineyarde 1.2.12. at 2s per acre.

TOTAL VALUE to this point, including values assessed on demesnes -
   66. 19. 5

Whereof -
Paid to the Queen by the hands of Thos. Sondes of Throwleghe (Throwley), as by the hands of the Lord of the Manor of Throwleghe (Throwley), for Castle ward due from Bocton (Boughton Malherbe)
   13s 3d

Paid to the Highe Sherife by the hands of P,icharde Saunders baylee of the Hundred of Ayhorne, for one years rent of Blaunche rennt issuing out of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe)

To same by the hands of John Bassocke of Hedcrone (Headcorn), husbandman, Borsholder of the borough of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe), for Smoke silver alias Homestawle silver, is suing out of 2 messuages of old time standing upon the demesnes

To same for same by same,out of 2 other messuages called Make fayres now Wotton landes

To churchwardens of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) out of same Make fayres

To same out of Little Woodesdenne

To Richard Elvison clerke, person of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe), for rent of six pieces of water and woode called Preston crofte, Longecrofte, a cliffe, a pond or poole of water, personage woodde and personage lande, in all 23.1.16, all rectory glebe


A tenement named Gibbes is not included because of very mean value for lack of a tenant.

A LIBERTY of free-warren was granted to William Dene, in the 9th year of King Edward II (      ) a record whereof did remain in the tower of London on the 7th March 1576.

The lands are holden at will of the Lord and not for any number of years certain.

(Now a few payments occur)
28 Julye1579. To Thomas Johnson of St. Marye Craye (St Mary Cray), bricklayer, for making the walled gable heads and tilings the roof and finishinge a fair large barn (the hedds and ends whereof stood towards the east and west beside the mansion house) 17s 5d

To Nicholas Reader of Loddenton in Maidstone, freemason, for making and setting of stones expressinge the yere in which the same barn was made, sett in the afte hedd or ende of the said barn at 8d the daye beside meate and drinke
   3s 8d

More to him for the toppe stones of 20 vynealls
   3. 6 8.

To Alleyne Clerke of Lenham carpenter for taking down and old roofe and making a new roofe for the barn.    10

More to him as a rewarde 6s 3d


In B. (Boughton Malherbe) alias Woodde crofte. Anthony Edendenne pays 13s 4d rent for it. Thomas Wotton holds it of Robert Parkhurst of B. (Boughton Malherbe) as of his manor of Chilneston alias Childestone in B. (Boughton Malherbe) at -d for all services, if demanded.

Chapmans ffoIde
12 pieces called as above, 42. 2.31., in hands of the Lord; and 2.3.8.of woodland shaves; and Chapmansfolde woodde, 2.0.26.,all in Southe Parke.

Because one part of the 12 peeces of land was holden of Warham St. Leger knight as of his manor of Sturreye in Lenham at 4s 9d six hens and 30 eggs;

And because Thomas Wotton is lawfully seised of the said manor of Sturrye,
So now the rent is extinguished.

But one other part is held of Roberte Parihurste as of his manor of Childestone alias Chilvestone at d for all services, if demanded, and it has not been demanded.

So nothing atall has to be paid out of Chapmansfolde or woodde.

Seven pieces of pasture generally called Powcynes and severally called the Crofte,
the Hill
the Strake
Bredgemeade 38.3. 1 in all
Stowrecrofte woodde 1.2.14.
All now in South Park; These are holden of Sir Fowlande Clerke knighte and Joyce his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Atwater late of Lenham, gent, deed, as of his manor of Bouleghe in Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) aforesaid by fealty only.
So there is nothing to be paid out.

Seven pieces of pasture called Gowpers, 16.3.11., with 5 shaves of wood. 0.3. 0., all in Southpark.
They were holden of manor of Sturrye in Lenham at 18d one hen 20 eggs. But Thos, Wotton is now Lord of Sturrye. So the rent is extinguished.

Humfreyes alias Wyvelherste.
Five pieces of pasture called as above, 16.1.24., with 3 shaves or springs of wood, 0.1.30., all in Southpark. Worth 2s per acre. Total 32s 9d.
Edw. Stonehouse rents 2 other peices called the same.
4.3.34., he has paid in 15s 4d

Whole worth is thus 48s 1d. But the land is held of manor of Sturrye in Lenham; so ,as aforesaid, the rent is now extinct.

A pasture called Frithe crofte 1.1. 0., in B. (Boughton Malherbe) in hand but valued at 3s 4d. The land is held of William Isleye Esq. as of his manor of Kingesnothe in Ulcombe, including also 21.0.24 of woods called Frythes, all in South Park, 2s 11d.
So the cleere total sum is 4d

Whereas the Barnehaghe and Alderetts and another peice called Welmeade 2.0.28 in Lenham, and Bramblecombe 3.2.14 , late John Gibbe, are now part of Robins Tenement at Liffleton Street in Lenham, some time holden of the manor of Sturrye in Lenham at 6s 2d, 5 hens, 25 eggs,
So nothing is payable therefor
Note. Gibbes tenement was in Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) although lands held of it were in Lenham

Goldehoordefeelde 9.2. 8 sometimes three peices called Upper feelde, Garret feelde & Little Acre, in Lenham, all in hands of Thos. Wotton as before.

"Paide unto William Tonge gentleman as unto his yoke or Menaltie of Luerstone alias Luistone in Lenham aforesaide for one yers rennt of the peece of lands aforesaide called Goldehoordefeelde, and of one peece of lande called Lee Woodde conteyninge by estimation 3 acres halfe an acre of woodlande togeither lyinge in Lenham aforesaide ended in the saide feaste xijd"

Little Grovetts. Greate Grovetts. The Hill. Little Ewe well
They contain 15. 3.20, with shaves or springs part of then, lying at "a hothe or common called Liffleton hothe alias Formansleaze in Lenham". In hands of Thos.Wotton. He pays manor rents for them as below-
Frauncis Prat, gent, lord of Ronham. in Lenham, 11d for the two Grovetts 10.3. 8
Manor of Lenham 2s ld  for The Hill and Little Ewell (sic) and 3s 3d  for plow services

Mayes tenement
Abraham Burton of Liffleton, Kent, yeman, pays 4 rent for Mayes tenement and five peeces called Homefeelde, Foure acre, Greate Nashe, little Nashe and Breeche alias Sommerffeelde; and four other parcells called Doddesdane Martinesdane, Swattlemeare, and Coppernettescrofte,at Liffleton street and Liffleton Hothe in Lenham.

The first group pay 3s 1d to M. of Lenham with 20d for ploughing services. The others pay 15d plus 6d whole
The amount to 24.0.25 with 4.3. 9 of wood

A tenement so called and 2 orchards therewith at Liffleton Street in Lenham; and 4 peeces called Sarefeelde, Threemardenne/, alias Damyardes, Upper Dane , Nether Dane; 2 others called Greenewaye and little Combe, all belonging to same tenement. These were bequeathed by Sir Edward, father of Tho. Wotton, to John Buckenham for his life, and he still holds them.
There is due to the manor of Lenham for Wryhalfeyoke 12d plus half of d and for plow service 6d.
Little Greenewaye and Little Coombe were anciently held with Robins Tenement

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