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An account of the Manor of Colbredge in Bockton (Boughton) Malherbe dated 1580
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Typed copy by Gordon Ward 1936.


Anthony Edendenne of Bockton (Boughton) Malherbe, yeoman, pays rent or same as follows:-
   A. 20. 2s.10d.
   B. 8 fat capons, each between and 1 year of age to be delivered live at the chief mansion house
       of Thomas Wotton in Bockton (Boughton) Malherbe on the 24th December 1579. 
       Valued at 4d each.
   C. 6 fat geese aged between and year delivered at day and place above. Valued at 4d each.
   D. 3 fat lean large and unmeaselye hogs called porkers aged 1 year to 1 year. Delivered as above,
        valued at 2/8 each.
   E. 2 weaned calves healthy fair and large of bone. At least 10 weeks old, payable on 26th April 1580.
       Value 2/8 each.
   F. 6 gallons of very pure, good sweet crocked butter, gathered and made up between the 1st day of 
       August and 15th day of October. Each gallon weighing 81bs and each pound 16 ounces in the 
       crocks of the said Anthony Edendenne payable October, 1580. Value 8d each.
   He pays also 30s for nine acres and three rods of the desmeane land of Colbredge called Highfield.

   Edward Stonehouse of Bockton (Boughton) , yeoman, pays 6/8 for land called Nutbeams, alias Three Nutbeams, 6 acres 3 roods, part of same desmeane lands. He pays also for same 8 bushels of very good pure clean "wheate merchaunt" payable in November 1580. Valued at 10d a bushel.

   Richard Lamb of Edgerton, (Egerton) taylor, pays 3s for Ladyes Lande, acre, part of same desmeane land in Edgerton.

   Robert Spice of Edgerton (Egerton), yeoman, pays 40s for 5 pieces of land called Gaeate Kingslande, Litle Kingslands, middle field, West Kingslande, and Rye Feelde, in all 23 acres 3 roods 10 perches, part of same desmeane lands in Edgerton (Egerton). He pays also for same 2 fat capons payable on 15th April 1580 at 4d each.

   Nathaniel Stonehouse of Fill in Edgerton (Egerton) aforesaid, husbandman, pays for two pieces of land called Colbredge Broomes, 9 acres 3 roods, part of the same desmeans in Edgerton (Egerton), 5 quarters of oats at 2s a quarter payable in February 1580.

   William Martin of Lenham, bricklayer, pays 7 quarters of oats for two pieces of land called The Brooke, 8 acres 1 rood, part of same desmeanes in Edgerton (Egerton), payable as last.

   Thomas Wotton has in hand "one peece of medowe lande or brooke lande called Colbredge Brooke ( in winter 1570....   from Wooddelande broughte to be reasonable good meadowe lande)", 4 acres 24 perches, part of same desmeane lands in Edgerton (Egerton). Assessed at 9s 3d.

    The Executors of Henry Chamber, late of Bocton (Boughton Malherbe) , yeoman, pay 6s rent for "one piece of land called a Cliffe", 1 acre 1 rood 28 perches: and for land called Crayecroft 2 acres 3 roods 16 perches, part of same desmeanes in Edgerton (Egerton) (until otherwise specified all following are part of same desmeane lands)

   Raphe Hudsonne of Edgerton (Egerton), yeoman, - 15s the Lee l0 acres 7 perches in Edgerton.

   Robert Meate of Edgerton, yeoman, - 20s - 2 other pieces - the Lee - 8 acres 4 perches - in Edgerton.
   Same Robert Meate 2 capons for same

   Abraham Burton of Lenham, yeoman, - 26s 2 land called Scarlettes Crofte - alias Denne Crofte - 1 acre 14 perches - also Long Johnes - 6 acres 1 rood, in Edgerton (Egerton).

   Henry Greenelande of Edgerton (Egerton), husbandman, - 3s 4d - Scaldherde Reede - 1 acre 8 perches.
   Also 1 fat capon.

   Richard Fowler of Edgerton (Egerton), husbandman, 5s - Birchet alias Berche Crofte - 4 acres 10 perches in Edgerton (Egerton) - also 2 fat capons - also 1 fair swarm of bees to be delivered alive in May 1580 worth 4d.

Total rents of the Manor are 31. 2s. 5d.

Whereof paid to the collector of the rents of "The Denne of Kingesnothe in Bockton (Boughton Malherbe) and Edgerton (Egerton) aforesiaid" for Sir Thomas Kempe knight as unto his castle or manor of Chilham for 4 pieces of land called Spicefeelde, Grosfeelde, The Warrenne, and the Forstawle, 23 acres 2 perches, part of the old desmeane lands of Colbredge, in Bockton (Boughton Malherbe), and for Birchet... 2s 6d.
Sute of court for same 4d.

There do also seem to appertain unto the manor of Colbredge the several parcels of rent thereafter ensuing, none of which were paid this year, of Christina at Stonehouse for 2 crofts called Sare crofts, at Hasilwoodde....14 pence and 2 hens

Of Robert Stonehouse, son and heir of Robert Stonehouse for marlepete field at Coldecote..., 12d.

Of Thomas, son of William at stonehouse and of his coperceners for Seathe crofte....4d 2 hens.

Of William Heyherste, for 2 pieces called Reedefeelde.... 2s 2d 1 cock 1 hen

Anthony Edendenne has in all 205 acres 27 perches.
There are 39 acres an acre 23 perches of wood reserved to Thomas Wotton except one piece of woodland called Blacklande Springe, 1 acre, in Bockton (Boughton Malherbe), and Highe Woode Springe.
The castle or sight of the manor of Colbredge
a courte
an orchard
2 large pools of water, 6 acres 2 perches,
Huffinscombe, 7 acres 1 rood 20 perches
Halton, 7 acres 3 roods
Brodde feelde, 10 acres 3 roods 20 perches
Litle Crofte, 1 acre 1 rood 16 perches
Longe Reache, 2 acres
Litle Temple Landes, 1 acre 3 roods
Great Temple Landes, 3 acres 2 perches
Upper Temple Landes, alias Berryalnds, 4 acres 3 roods 22 perches
Newlandes roughe, 6 acres 3 roods 12 perches
Litle Newlande, alias Longe Necke, 6 acres 3 roods 20 perches
Greate Newlande, alias Churche Meade, 10 acres 14 perches
Smale Crofte, 1 acre an acre 22 perches
land 1 acre 26 perches
a Hempe Plate, acre
Barne Feelde, 5 acres 20 perches
Colbredge Meade 5 acres
Gardeyne Crofte, 3 acres 23 perches
Litle Meadowe, 3 roods 8 perches
Frogge Feelde, 13 acres 20 perches
Blackshedde, 10 acres 1 rood
Blackepetties Woodde, 9 acres 8 perches
Blacklandes Springe, 1 acres
Blacklandes, 6 acres 9 roods 4 perches
Greate Oxen Leaze, 12 acres 1 rood 26 perches
Litle Oxen Leaze, 6 acres 34 perches
Highe Woodde (no area given)
Highe Wood, 2 acres 30 perches
Hatche Crofte, 3 acres 28 perches
Spice Feelde, 11 acres 3 roods 32 perches
Grossfeelde, 6 acres
The Warrenne, 2 acres 1 rood 30 perches
the Forestawle, 2 acres 30 perches

All in Bockton (Boughton Malherbe), all part of said desmeane lands, are held by Anthony Edendenne at the pleasure of Thomas Wotton (all the other land named herein similarly held)

Anthony Edendenne in word without writing has promised Thomas Wotton by good and sufficient enclosure to save and defend the two pieces of wood called Blacklands Spring and Highwood Springe from such hurt as any manner of cattle might do unto them, if during his tenency he shall fell any of the woodland leased by him.

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