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Ashford Non-Conformists Church Minute Books/Registers - collected by the late Arthur Ruderman

Ashford Quakers Registers - Births 1660 to 1732

Godfrey, Ann dau of Thomas & Frances                     1660 Apt 23c
Godfrey, Joseph son of Thomas & Frances
                1661 Aug 12 c
Kingham, Elizabeth dau of Joseph & Margaret
          1661 Mar 7c
Kingham, Elizabeth dau of Joseph & Margaret         
1663 Jul20 c
Kingham, Joseph son of Joseph & Margaret             
1664 Dec 7c
Kingham, Joseph son of Thomas & Elizabeth            
1665 Nov23c
Kingham, Katherine dau of Joseph & Margaret         
1667 Mar 6c
Kingham, Margaret dau of Joseph & Margaret          
1667 Nov ?c
Kingham, Mary dau of Joseph & Margaret                 
1669 Mar 29 c
Kingham, Rebecca dau of Joseph & Margaret          
1669 Feb 6c
Lott, Elizabeth dau of Robert & Elizabeth                   
1670 Mar ?c
Lott,  ? dau of Robert & Mary                                     
1671 May 22 c
Loveday, George son of George & Elizabeth             
1671 Nov 5c
Loveday, James son of George & Elizabeth               
1672 Jul 6c
Loveday, John son of George & Elizabeth                  
1672 Sep 21 c
Loveday, John son of George & Elizabeth                  
1673 Jul 29 c
Loveday, John son of George & Elizabeth                  
1673 Dec 10 c
Loveday, Michael son of George & Elizabeth             
1673 Dec 12 c
Loveday, Samuel son of George & Elizabeth             
1674 May 7c
Loveday, Thomas son of George & Elizabeth             
1674 Mar 3c
Loveday, Vincent son of George & Elizabeth              
1674 Oct 15c
Ower, Ann dau of Richard & Ann                                   
1675 Feb10c
Ower, Boys son of Boys & Mary                                    
1675 Feb 29 c
Ower, Boys son of Richard & Ann                                 
1675 Jan 4c
Ower, Elizabeth dau of Richard & Ann                         
1675 Mar15c
Ower, Hester dau of Richard & Ann                              
1677 Jun 2c
Ower, John son of Richard & Ann                                 
1677 Jul19c
Ower, Josiah son of Boys & Mary                                 
1676 Jun 1 c
Ower, Richard son of Boys & Mary                               
1679 Mar 23 c
Ower, Richard son of Richard & Ann                            
1681 Apl 18c
Pope, Robert son of Robert & Elen                              
1681 Apl 8c
Pullen, Elizabeth dau of Robert & Elenor                     
1682 Aug 29c
Pullen, Mary dau of Robert & Ellinor                             
1683 Mar 25 c
Pullen, Robert son of Robert & Margaret                     
1683 Apl 19c
Roberds, Elizabeth dau of William & Mary                  
1683 Apl 19c
Roberds, John son of William & Mary                          
1685 Apl 26c
Roberds, Thomas son of William & Mary                    
1692 Jan 4c

Roberds, Ursella dau of William & Mary                      
1702 Feb 11 c
Smailwood, Sarah dau of John & Elizabeth                
1704 May 26 c
Smallwood, Elizabeth dau of John & Elizabeth           
1705 Aug 19c
Smallwood, John son of John & Elizabeth                   
1706 Jun 2c
Smallwood, John son of John & Elizabeth                   
1713 Feb 28 c
Sole, Ann dau of Thomas & Elizabeth                          
1713 May 27 c
Steed, John son of Robert                                             
1714 Sep 16 c
Steed, Sarah dau of John & Elizabeth                         
1716 Oct 8c
Taylor, Benjamin son of Thomas & Mary                     
1718 Sep 16 c
Taylor, Joseph son of Thomas & Mary                        
1722 Jan 26 c
Taylor, Mary dau  of Thomas & Mary                           
1723 Apl 19c
Taylor, Thomas son of Thomas & Mary                       
1726 May 2c
Tritton, Ann dau  of John & Sarah                                 
1726 Nov 3c
Tritton, Robert son of John & Sarah                             
1732 May 17c

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