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Ashford Manor and other property - Index - Introduction
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The basis of this index is a Rental of the Manors of Ashford and Licktop, not dated but compiled about 1773. This is held in the Centre for Kentish Studies (C.K.S.), at Maidstone, references U1045 M24 and U55 M90 etc

This was the working document, the basis of the collection of the quit rents payable by the Manor tenants to the Lord. For that reason the rental is compiled in alphabetical order of the tenants names, with different properties across the Manor being given together, so that (in 1773 at least) the total due from each tenant could be found easily. For each property the name and often the occupation or trade of the tenant and any sub-tenants is given, not only at the date of the entry, but in most cases the same details for previous tenants.
   Entries in this rental were made of the recto side of the page, and continued to be used throughout the following century, new tenants and other changes being recorded on the verso side of the rental.
   Each page in this index corresponds to the numbered entry in the rental, the description of the property and the modern address (where identified), the annual rent payable and the letter F or C for freehold or copyhold property.
   The original entry is given, referenced as 1773 MR. Other entries in the Rental are given, but in most cases no date can be given, since all that is known is whether the details are before or after 1773.
   Where ever possible this information has been amplified with details from other sources. These details are referenced as

   CR - from extracts of the Court Rolls (copyhold premises) CKS U 1045 - M6 M 20.

   EB - from a Manor Freehold Entry Book, 1677 95, CKS U1045 M64.

   IN -  from an indenture of the transfer of ownership of the property, held on file by AWR.

   W - from extract of a will, held by AWR.

The tracing of details in this index is as follows
   For names of owners and occupiers there is a
Name Index, giving the property references of all persons of that name.
   To trace a known property, the references can be found on the series of maps, for parts of the Manor. The base maps are taken from the Ordnance Survey of 1873, with an overlay sheet giving the reference number of the property in the index.  [in preparation]
Arthur Ruderman

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