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Ashford, Kent  Index of all known births, marriages and burials c.1570 - late 1800's
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   This index includes the details of all known births, marriages (including those by licence) and burials in Ashford of known persons, and also of those recorded in other parishes, but described as of ASHFORD, from the late sixteenth century until the late nineteenth century.
   It represents work first started in 1967, when Dr. Fred Lansberry first came to Ashford to hold many annual courses of lectures, to discover more about the history of the town. In the first year, the parish registers were used to gather the basic information about many of the people who had contributed to the life and development of the town over the centuries.
   Many different students contributed to this work over the years, and have been produced in this form by me, in order to make the details available to others in the years to come. There are undoubtedly many errors of fact and omission, and I would be grateful for information on such as are found by others.
                                                                                                                      Arthur Ruderman May, 2007

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