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People from  Ash and Ridley who served in - WWI and WW2

   In towns and villages throughout the country there are memorials dedicated to the men and woman who gave their lives during WWI and WWII. In Ash next Ridley the memorial lists the names of eight men from WWI and nine men and one young girl from WWII.

   Each November a service of remembrance is held in memory of those listed. However with the passage of time, with surviving relatives and friends growing steadily fewer, the people behind the names on the memorial become even more remote and impersonal.

The following webpages are an ongoing effort to try and ensure that those names remain as real people who once lived, worked and played in the parish. If you have any details however small about these people and families, please email us at 

   Also listed are the names of those people that served in both Wars and returned.

Ash next Ridley War Memorial





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