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Peopling Past Landscapes - North Downs to the Weald
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Groups and individuals in 30 Kent parishes are being invited to take part in ‘Peopling Past Landscapes’, a major research project to create an in-depth overview of the history of an area extending from the North Downs to the Weald of Kent.
   Organised by the Kent Archaeological Society, the project will survey and record evidence found above and below ground, and in documents, of life in the parishes since prehistoric times.
   Local and family history enthusiasts and societies, archaeologists, and members of W.I.s, parish councils and community and conservation groups will be encouraged to work together, under the guidance of a team of experts from the KAS’s specialist committees.
   The area selected for the project runs southwards from the Swale, to Headcorn and Smarden. This covers most of Kent’s main landscape zones — the northern coastal strip, the North Downs, Holmesdale, Chartland and the Weald.
   Studying the ancient routeways that cross this landscape, and the influence they have had on human settlement and the local economy, will be a key part of the project, but it is deliberately wide-ranging in scope in order to include all the different skills and interests within the KAS.
   ‘It is important that groups and individuals based within the study area should become involved. Local knowledge and contacts will be key to the success of the project’.
   The project was launched at a public Study Day at Lenham Village Centre on Saturday, 3rd October 2009.


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