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Founded in 1857, the Kent Archaeological Society has following objectives:

To promote the study and publication of archaeology and history in all their branches, especially within the ancient County of Kent.

The Society’s interests are not confined to fieldwork. Its objectives cover archaeology and local history in the widest sense. They include historic buildings, genealogy, industrial archaeology and local history.


Lees Court News

A partnership project between the Society, the Lees Court Estate Trust and the School of Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent to investigate the history, buildings, place names and archaeology of the Lees Court Estate.
  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 5

    Work continues on day 5 of our dig and what a fantastic amount of work KAS members are getting through. Lady Sondes was impressed and fascinated when she visited the site late in the afternoon.

    Another blisteringly hot day on site with the crew uncovering more of the ring ditch running through trench 3. We have established both edges of the trench with an additional cut on what would be the inside. We managed to find the bottom of the main ditch which was cut into the underlying chalk. The feature itself was surprisingly shallow so maybe a ditch for a small family enclosure?

    Grave cut in ring ditch
    What could the strange cut marked with the range poles be? A terminus? A grave cut? 

    There are still three more features in this trench to examine but tomorrow we will be moving back to trench 1 to finish recording the two ditch slots and to do some teaching for those who would like to learn drawing and recording, 

    Ditch slot in tench 1
    A second quick slot dug into the ditch in trench 1


    Members will also be examining the three features present in trench 2 which relate to the rectilinear anomaly around the medieval church site and a circular anomaly that they run alongside.

    Trench 2 annotated
    Geophysical survey results with the plan of trench 2 transposed on. 

    So, plenty to be done and due to the progress made to today, we are bang on target!

  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 4

    Members aplenty at the Badlesmere Bottom dig today, the word has escaped that we have some interesting archaeology to be investigated.

    The increase in numbers meant that we could devote our attentions to trench 3 and leave trenches 1 and 2 for now. This trench was positioned along a group of three linear anomalies and the northern edge of a circular anomaly based on the results of the geophysical survey (see the annotated results below)

    Trench 3 day 4 annotated results
    Blue lines denote the anomalies according to the survey results and the yellow box is trench 3. Yellow diagonal shading is where the features appear in the trench. The three linears take an abrupt turn to the east in the next field along.

    The working hypothesis was three linear ditches truncating an earlier circular feature such as a settlement boundary ditch or enclosure. Plenty of volunteers were keen to get cracking and finding edges to features from which to work.

    Mary and Don edge
    Mary and Don working from a chalk 'edge' through the darker fill to find the opposing edge. Note the row of large flints in the middle of the fill which occurred in two of the three features
    John and Pauline edge
    Exposing the flints through the centre of another ditch


    No dating material was found but there were a few oddly spherical flints discovered In close proximity to each other which led the diggers to contemplate whether that was significant.

    There is a suggestion that the three linears might be part of a trackway but why would it take such an abrupt right angled turn in the adjacent field?

    Much more to do in trench 3 tomorrow with some hard work already completed. Let's hope some of the mysteries will be solved.













  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 3

    Day 3 on site and time to start digging in earnest (in very compact clay in actual fact!), The first 'slot' of the season was opened on a very innocuous looking linear in trench 1. The first couple of spades produced some Iron Age potter which puts a whole different perspective on the trench. Any thoughts of a quick clean-up, record and shut-down were quickly put to one side.

    Ian and Richard 1004
    Some volunteers were digging …

    Apart from the linear feature, there was what looked suspiciously like a metalled surface in another part of the trench which needed a good clean-up to see what we had to deal with.

    Cleaning up 1006
    … ohers were cleaning the metalled surface

    Our reward for the considerable effort was that we got to record the features by the end of the day.

    Richard photographing 1006
    Photographing the metalled surface

    The volunteers all got some guidance on recording.


    Measuring 1004
    Richard explains why and how we record before a preliminary sketch of [1004]


    Day 4 will see us taking up the metalling and seeing whether it's hiding anything underneath, we're also putting another slot through the linear and seeing if there's a relationship between the two contexts. That should see us complete trench 1 but, as we saw today, anything could happen in the next 24 hours. We'll update you tomorrow!

  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 2

    Much progress made by the KAS Project Team at Lees Court today.

    Setting up the marquee
    Setting up the marquee 

    The containers and office arrived on the Woods Court site newly stocked and refurbished (with some heavy duty security after last year's break-in). Members and council members alike were involved with the setting up of the marquee, organisation of the stock container and preparation of the administrative material, all ready for members to pop down and get cracking straight away.

    The office
    Finds from Stringman's are being processed in front of
    the refurbished office
    Inside the office
    Smart new office, courtesy of the Estate


    Three trenches have been stripped back revealing mixed archaeological results but with many possibilities matching anomalies from the geophysical survey results. All members are welcome to come down, join in or just learn more.

    Trench locations and vistor parking
    Location of the trenches and members parking

    Particularly interesting were the results of trench 3 which show some exciting potentially prehistoric features

    Trench 3 ring ditch
    Trench 3 - circular anomaly, possible ring ditch
    Trench 3 linear ditch 2
    Trench 3 Linear anomaly/ditch 2
    Trench 3 linear ditch 1
    Trench 3 Linear anomaly/ditch 1


    The digging will start in earnest on day 3. Watch this space for further news.





  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 1

    Logistics day at Lees Court Estate for the first day of the Badlesmere Bottom excavations.

    Members of the Folkstone Research and Archaeology Group, the Shorne Woods Archaeological Group and the Faversham Society Archaeological Research Group were out today helping Richard and I to set up for the two week 'warm up' dig in advance of Keith's hoard dig.

    The weather was mixed to say the least but after a tour of the Stringman's Field excavation (last year's university of Kent dig) which has been transformed due to some hard work in the spring, we went about setting out the containers and office and staking out the trenches over our geophysics targets. Two out of the three initial trenches have now been stripped of their top and sub soils and are revealing some quite promising features.

    Early stages but things are looking good for plenty of work over the next two weeks. More volunteers needed!


    The first trench over a circular and three linear anomalies reveals some possible ditches
    John and Richard musing over potential features while waiting for that cloud to burst.



Kent Archaeology Society
The Lees Court Estate Project 2019 Season

The Lees Court Estate Project 2019 Season


You are cordially invited to come and take part in the 2019 Season excavation on the Lees Court Estate.


We now have a fixed diary of events for the 2019 season on the Lees Court Estate.


Kent Archaeology Society
The Literary History of Kent

Talk at the Kent Archaeological Society Annual General Meeting, University of Kent. May 18th 2019.

By Kerry Brown

Kent Archaeology Society
The Inventory, Accounts and Probates of Henry Saker of Faversham

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Community Dig at Lullingstone

Volunteers needed for the upcoming community dig at Lullingstone Roman villa. Click here for details:


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New Website Feature - Kent Archaeological Reports

Great news - we have added a new feature to our Kent Archaeological Reports.  You can now use an interactive map to find reports in an area and even sort by Phase.  You are still able to look at the full reports in a list format as well, however the sorting facility allows you more freedom to find the reports you are interested in for example, Anglo-Saxon etc.

You can find this new feature via the publications drop-down or click on the link below to go there now:-

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