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Founded in 1857, the Kent Archaeological Society has following objectives:

To promote the study and publication of archaeology and history in all their branches, especially within the ancient County of Kent.

The Society’s interests are not confined to fieldwork. Its objectives cover archaeology and local history in the widest sense. They include historic buildings, genealogy, industrial archaeology and local history.


Lees Court News

A partnership project between the Society, the Lees Court Estate and the School of Classical and Archaeological Studies at the University of Kent to investigate the history, buildings, place names and archaeology of the Lees Court Estate.
  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 10

    Today saw volunteers saying a fond(ish!) farewell to trench 3. The trench is best described as "complex" (first rule of archaeology - "messy" is not an adjective one uses to describe someone else's trench! One volunteer did and I think they just about got away with it!). We have large deposits of chalk, ditches lined with flint, pits cut into them, several re-cuts of the same ditch and flint ditch boundaries. How it comes together, as always, will be clearer when it is recorded, which is tomorrow's task.

  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 9

    What a difference  day makes - 24 little hours later and we start the day with rain showers. Plenty of volunteers today for training day on the Lees Court Estate. We had volunteers and members from 5 different groups today including Maidstone and Lympne as well as Folkestone, Faversham and Shorne.

  • Badlesmere Bottom - Day 8

    We were back on site today after our bank holiday break, replenished and ready to go.

    Work continued on trench 2 with continuing excavation of both sides of the circular feature by slots through both. They continue to produce a fair amount of worked flint, although less in the lower fill, but no more dating as yet. We will be aiming to bottom out those slots and get some idea of the scale of the ring ditch (I think we can call it that now).

  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Days 6 and 7

    Phew, what a scorcher!

    The last two days have certainly taken their toll on us at Badlesmere Bottom, the daily update machine has needed extra ventilation and is now back in operation with a double update.

    We were joined by members of FSARG fresh from post-ex on their pub garden dig We have moved onto trench 2 to open up slots into the potential ditches running through them. We have been slightly depleted in numbers but not in work rate or enthusiasm, hence why I haven't had time to take any working shots other than the one of the gang having lunch!

  • Badlesmere Bottom 2019 - Day 5

    Work continues on day 5 of our dig and what a fantastic amount of work KAS members are getting through. Lady Sondes was impressed and fascinated when she visited the site late in the afternoon.

    Another blisteringly hot day on site with the crew uncovering more of the ring ditch running through trench 3. We have established both edges of the trench with an additional cut on what would be the inside. We managed to find the bottom of the main ditch which was cut into the underlying chalk. The feature itself was surprisingly shallow so maybe a ditch for a small family enclosure?


Kent Archaeology Society
KAS Education Committee Activity 2019

Kent Archaeology Society
KAS Newsletter

The next issue of the KAS Newsletter will be published in December 2019. The copy deadline for articles is 1 November 2019. Please continue to forward articles or notices to


All the best

Richard (Editor)

Kent Archaeology Society
Monumental Brass Society, Walthamstow Event

Monumental Brass Society presents in association with the Rector and Churchwardens of St. Mary the Virgin, Church, Walthamstow and the Walthamstow Historical Society

Kent Archaeology Society
Lees Court Excavation - Bexley YAC with Fred Birkbeck

Lees Court Excavation - Bexley YAC with Fred Birkbeck


On Saturday 7th September Bexley YAC took part in the KAS excavation at Lees Court. Our aim (apart from excavation) was to fulfil some of our BAJR passport skills, with Fred’s help, especially the geophis and surveying.

Kent Archaeology Society
The Lees Court Estate Project 2019 Season

The Lees Court Estate Project 2019 Season


You are cordially invited to come and take part in the 2019 Season excavation on the Lees Court Estate.


We now have a fixed diary of events for the 2019 season on the Lees Court Estate.


Upcoming Events

Date Title
Thursday 21 Nov 19 A Country Child
Monday 25 Nov 19 Britain 1870 - 1914
Thursday 12 Dec 19 The Lower Lines, Brompton – Defence and Experimentation
Monday 13 Jan 20 Britain 1870 - 1914
Thursday 16 Jan 20 Invention and imagination: re-interpreting the early masonry church uncovered in Lyminge during 2019
Monday 20 Jan 20 Britain 1870 - 1914
Monday 27 Jan 20 Britain 1870 - 1914
Monday 03 Feb 20 Britain 1870 - 1914
Monday 10 Feb 20 Britain 1870 - 1914
Monday 17 Feb 20 Britain 1870 - 1914