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Abstract of Will from St Peter Thanet (Broadstairs), Kent from Arthur Hussey’s Manuscripts

Will of Robert LASYNBY of St Peter Thanet 12 September 1493

Robert LASYNBY, clerk, vicar of the parish church of St Peter in Thanet, 12 September 1493.
Buried in the choir after church under the stones at the high altar.
Ad fabricat of said church there, where most needed, a new cup of silver, a maser bound with silver, a dish of silver, two silk girdles with silver mounts, one cathedram (chair) and one cistam (box), and a pair of sheets.
Thomas CARDYFF, vicar of St John’s a set of prayer beads of le ambyr.
Nicholas FOX, Vicar of St Lawrence another set of prayer beads of le amber and one book called Nydar de paptie.
To Dom Robert, chaplain there a new Portifor and 3s.4d.
To Dom Richard, chaplain of Wood another Portifor and 3s.4d.
To Dom Henry, chaplain of parish of St Lawrence a book called Crysee and my best salt.
To fabric of church of St Mary Magdalene in Canterbury 10s.
To painting the Images of St Mary and St Nicholas in Hospital of Harbaldown 20s or to fabric of the church where most need.
To fabric of church of St Michael of Harbaldown 5s.
To each House of Friars in Canterbury and Sandwich 10s, that ech House say Mass for my soul.
To the Gylde of St Nicholas in the House of the Friars Preachers, kept there by all the parish clerks of Canterbury that they say three Masses for my soul, etc. 10s.
To the Brothers and Sisters of the House or Hospital of Harbaldowne 13s.4d, to be paid by four yearly portions, viz. 3s.4d.
In same manner to the Brothers and Sisters of the House of St John of Northgate outside walls of Canterbury.
To fabrice of church of St Lawrence in Thanet 10s, also same to fabrice of church of St John.
To painting the Images of St Margaret and St Mary Magdalene in church of St Peter aforesaid five marcs (66s.8d.).
On day of burial ten masses, viz. of St Mary, the Holy Spirit (Sanco Spiritu) and the Trinity of Recordari (Memorial) of Name of Jesus, of quinque vulneribus (the Five Wounds), the Resurrection, Ascension, Corups Christi, and of Requiem and the same on day of Trental and Anniversary.
There be distributed among poor people magis indigeus (especially the needy) in parish of St Peter four marcs (53s.4d.), on my three day abovesaid in equal portions.
To provide a Chaplain to celebrate for my soul in church of St Peter for 18 weeks four marcs.
To John, son of Simon COLNER when he comes of full age 10s, if he lives, other wise to opus of the church of St Peter.
To Richard NORWOOD my godson 40s. when of a full age, if alive, otherwise to opus of church of St Peter.
To fabrice of the church of St Cuthbert of Marton in Clyffland 20s. (Marton in Yorkshire, four miles southeast of Middlesborough, the birthplace of Captain Cook. Church is dedicated to Saint Cuthbert – Gazetteer).
To Agnes HEWETT, cognate mee to her marriage, five marcs (£3.6s.8d.) and my best bed with all thereto.
To Katherine SENTNICHOLAS my best cloak (togam).
Thomas KEMPE my black togam.
John GRAUNT 6s.8d. and Julian his wife 3s.4d. and a sheet.
Thomas WATSON have my red togam and 6s.8d. and Margarete his wife 3s.4d. and one sheet.
Robert SPRACLYNG my togam of tawny color and 6s.8d. and Margaret his wife another tawny cloak and 3s.4d.
Bararable YOKLETT 3s.4d. John COSYN 20d. Joan DUMPTON 12d. Gilbert NORWOOD 3s.4d.
Residue after paying debts, etc. to my Executors – Richard NORWOOD and William YOKLETT to dispose for my soul; and for their labours to Richard NORWOOD 20s and to William YOKLETT 10s. and a book called ‘medull gramatis’.
Feoffees – Richard NORWOOD and Thomas CULNER.
The Wardens of St Peter’s or such other honest men chosen by the parishioners, have a tenement situated in the parish at the Churchill, which I lately obtained from John SAKETT, for the sustentation of said church.
All my other lands and tenements shall be sold, and money to pay debts, legacies, etc.
To the Wardens and parishioners for the repair of same tenement 23s.4d.
Witnesses – Dom Robert BOTELAR, chaplain, Nicholas EASTON, senior, Thomas WATSON, Simon COLNER, John GRAUNT.
Probate 17 February 1493-4. Consistory Vol.3, fol. 363-4,

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