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Abstract of Will from St Peter Thanet (Broadstairs), Kent from Arthur Hussey’s Manuscripts

Will of Robert ESTPLOM of St Peter Thanet 5 December 1491

Robert ESTPLOM of St Peter’s in Thanet, 5 December 1491.
Buried in churchyard.
High altar 8d and to each Light in the church of which I am a Brother 4d.
Daughter Joan have a brass pot of one gallon, a coverlet, pair of sheets and blanket, quarter of barley and two ewes. Dionise my sister 3s.4d.
Wife Joan all my utensilia in camere, aule and kitchen, and half part of my grain and cattle.
Residue after paying debts, etc. to Thomas READE and Robert SAMUELL to dispose for my soul, and they Executors.
Feoffees – Thomas Reade and John GERMYN.
Five rods of land to be sold, viz. three rods at White way and half an acre at George Hill, and money to pay debts, etc.
Wife Joan have, hold and occupy all my lands and tenements for her life, then to be sold and to the mending and painting of the High Cross in the church 26s.8d; to make an holy water stoppe at the north door of the church 13s.4d; Robert my son 40s; and daughter Joan 20s; and for a priest to sing and pray in the church for quarter of a year 33s.4d; any residue at discretion of Executors to the church work, foul ways, and poor people, etc.
"Whoever be holder and possessor of three rods of my land in a field called Turners, between land of heirs of Stephen KEMPE west, lands of Robert SAMUELL north, the highway east and south, shall perpetually pay 4d. yearly to the Vicar of the church for to pray and remember the soul of Nicholas EASTPLOM and Joan his wife and the soul of me the said Robert EASTPLOM, Cristine and Joan my wifes in the Drucall prayer in the pulpit".
Witnesses – Sir Robert LASYNBY, Vicar of the church, John GERMYN, Nicholas GRAUNT, junior.
Probate 10 January 1491-2. Archdeaconry Vol.5, fol. 373.
Wife Joan was sister to William att Stone who died 1497.

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