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 ABSTRACT OF SELLING WILL dated 1491 from Arthur Hussey’s Manuscripts

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Abstracts of Will from Arthur Hussey's manuscript notebooks in the K.A.S. Library - typed up by Pat Tritton


Register & folio


Date of will

Date of Probate

Places in Kent

Arch. Vol.5, fol. 198 Lodewich LEYGH 24 Mar 1490-1 28 May 1491 Sheldwich

Dom Lodewich LEYGH, Chaplain of Sheldwich, 24 March 1490-1.
Buried in church.
High altar 6d; to each altar Light 4d.
To the altar capelle cantarie of St Stephen in parish of Selling one cloth of diaper work, and a red silk cloth ornate with ‘vasis’ and to reparation of same Chapel all my boards (tabulas servatas).
Richard TOKE one chest which he has in his custody and my murram ferratam.
Elisabeth LEUEKENORE my little red chest. John HOLME a chest carved (artis sculpture). Roger COTYNG and Joan his wife all my brass vessels and electrea and one hansornd (?pump), one asciam (axe) a falcastru (scythe) and my feather bed.
Executors – Dom Richard FYNNE, Dom Laurence BROKE, clerics, to dispose residue for my soul, each have 3s.4d.
Probate 28 May 1491. Archdeaconry Vol.5, fol. 198.

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