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The Kent Archaeological Society (KAS) announces a new biennial prize named in honour of Dr Joan Thirsk who was a distinguished historian and a long-standing member of the Society.
   The Thirsk Prize of £250 will be awarded for a dissertation or a long essay, submitted as part of a successful Masterís degree, which is adjudged to be a major contribution to the history or archaeology of the County of Kent (including the historic parts of the County now within Greater London).  Dissertations and long essays can come from any academic institution.
The prize aims to reward students working on the history and archaeology of the County, and also to help promote publication of articles and chapters that advance scholarly knowledge of Kentís past.  The KAS be willing to give advice on publication.  The editor of Archaeologia Cantiana will also consider for publication articles based on the various submissions

Submission Guidelines
The KAS will consider for the first Thirsk Prize dissertations and long essays completed for a Masterís degree within the calendar years 2015-2016. The final date of submission for the prize is 31st December 2016.  Dissertations and long essays must be submitted in printed hard copy and also in electronic form on a disk.  The hard copy must be suitably bound or within rigid covers and the disk in Word format. The submission must include an abstract and be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the thesis supervisor together, where appropriate, with the names and the institutions of the examiners of the thesis.  Copies of dissertations and long essays will not be returned but placed in the KAS library. All candidates for the Prize will be notified of the judgesí decision within three calendar months, or such time as is agreed.
   Submissions for the Thirsk Prize 2016 must be submitted no later than 31 December 2016 to Dr Elizabeth Edwards, School of History, Rutherford College, The University, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NX, tel: 01227 700207, email: to whom enquiries may be directed.


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