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Upchurch and North Kent Pottery  By Jason Monaghan

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Pictures of Fabrics

Sand tempered fabrics - Page 245 

Shell tempered fabrics - Page 249

Flint tempered fabrics - Page 250 

Chaff tempered fabrics - Page 251 

Grog tempered fabrics - Page 251 

Fabrics with no added temper - Page 252 

Fabric definitions - Fabrics are listed according to temper. Where fabrics from different production sites are very similar, only the most typical is described in full. The remainder are listed in numerical order. Only Upchurch and Thameside fabrics are described, those of Thameside Essex and West Kent being beyond the scope of this work. The philosophy of the chosen system is outlined in chapter 4.

Temper Codes   C - chaff,   F - flint,   G -grog,   H - shell,   I - no temper,   S - sand

Production Area Codes   1 - Upchurch, including Hoo and all Medway marshes.   2 -Isle of Grain.
                                     3 -Higham and the High ground above the Thames.        4 -Cliffe parish.   
                                     5 -Shorne parish and marshes to the east of Chalk.       6 -Cooling and Halstow marshes.

Technical Variations   b - burnished.   h -hand made body (rim may be wheel finished),   p -pitch-painted,   
s -slipped.





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