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Bifrons Anglo-Saxon Cemetery
Discovered in the grounds of Bifrons House, Patrixbourne in 1866, followed in 1867 by excavations conducted by T.G. Godfrey-Faussett, Esq., F.S.A. and published in Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 10 - 1876  Graves 1 to 44, and Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 13 - 1880 Graves 45 to 91.
    The finds from the excavation are now in the possession of the Kent Archaeological and many items are on display at Maidstone Museum, Faiths Street, Maidstone ME14 1LH. -
    See modern publication, The Anglo-Saxon cemetery of Bifrons, in the parish of Patrixbourne, East Kent by Sonia Chadwick Hawkes, in Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History Vol. 11 edited by David Griffiths.

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Grave 01 Grave 06 Grave 06
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Grave 12 Grave 12 Grave 12 Grave 15 Grave 15
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Grave 16 Grave 17
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Grave 21 Grave 22 Grave 23 Grave 23
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Grave 29 Grave 29 Grave 2
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Grave 39 Grave 39 Grave 39f
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Grave 41 Grave 41f Grave 45
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Grave 63 Grave 77

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