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The Inaugural Meeting of the Kent Archaeological Society was held on 14th April 1858. Amongst the principal aims of the Society was the preservation of objects of all kinds which might bear upon the history of the county. The Society’s Archaeological collections are now extensive. They are housed at Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Galley, St Faith's St, Maidstone ME14 1LH, where admission is free.
   Many of the objects and the circumstances of their discovery have been published in the Society's annual  Journal Archaeologia Cantiana. Here we try to show you modern colour images of many of our collection.
   In 1999 Derek Hodge, Clive Tanner and Ian Wigston spent months photographing much of the Museum's collection, to which we are eternally grateful. Photographs taken by them are the © of Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Gallery. Other pictures were taken by various members of the K.A.S.

This section is work in progress, as we source pictures to add 


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