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MYSTERY PICTURES – Please help us to identify these Kentish scenes
The pictures below have been left to the Kent Archaeological Society at various times during its 150 plus years. They now form a valuable part of the Society’s Visual Records Collection. Unfortunately, due to the passage of time many pictures have become separated from their identifying labels and we no longer know where in Kent they were taken.
   If you recognise the location of any of the churches, buildings, landscapes, people etc., please let us know by emailing and quoting the number against the picture.
   As we find out where the pictures were taken, they will transferred to a success page CLICK HERE

Click on any picture below to go to a larger image

001 B058-M41.jpg (417463 bytes)
No. 1
006 B058-M47.jpg (420958 bytes)
No. 6
008 B058-M49.jpg (472204 bytes)
No. 8
015 B059-16.jpg (534289 bytes)
No. 15
022 B059-27.jpg (534474 bytes)
No. 22
025 B059-15.jpg (453778 bytes)
No. 25


People not much hope here but you might recognise where it has been published before at sometime in a book etc

027 B100-G20.jpg (506320 bytes)
No. 27
028 B100-G05.jpg (453710 bytes)
No. 28
029 B100-G04.jpg (572683 bytes)
No. 29
030 B100-G13.jpg (473282 bytes)
No. 30
031 B100-G07.jpg (566980 bytes)
No. 31
032 B100-G02.jpg (462967 bytes)
No. 32
033 B100-G10.jpg (444014 bytes)
No. 33
034 B100-G09.jpg (536939 bytes)
No. 34
035 B100-G11.jpg (345241 bytes)
No. 35
036 B100-G01.jpg (114498 bytes)
No. 36
037 B100-G08.jpg (69754 bytes)
No. 37
039 B100-G24.jpg (88523 bytes)
No. 39

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