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  St Mary Church, Denton near Gravesend      TQ 6612 7353

Tim Tatton-Brown's Survey 1993

LOCATION: Just north of the main Gravesend to Rochester Road.

DESCRIPTION: The ruins of St. Mary, Denton were acquired by G.M. Arnold in c. 1900, and restored and roofed. In 1928 the church was given by his daughter to the Roman Catholics.

Elliston-Erwood points out that the church is exceptional for Kent in consisting of a rectangular nave and chancel with a contemporary south aisle all dating from about the mid-12th century. There are the remains of two 12th century columns on the middle of the now built-up south wall of nave. A modern chapel projects out southwards between them.

The north doorway to the nave, and the inserted east window (restored) appear to be 14th century.

BUILDING MATERIALS: (Incl. old plaster, paintings, glass, tiles etc.): Much restored, but using? Ragstone for original quoins.

Size: Small area around church on W.S.

HISTORICAL RECORD (where known):
Other documentary sources: Test. Cant. (West Kent, 1906), 21 mentions loads of stone being given to mend the highway near the parsonage and 'between Denton church and Melton church' in 1499 - also 6s. 4d. for reparations to Denton church in 1521, and 13s. 4d. for reparations in 1527.

Inside present church: ? Good

Outside present church: ? Good

REFERENCES: F C Elliston-Erwood. 'The church (R.C.) of St Mary, Denton near Gravesend', Arch Cant 65 (1952) 143-4 + plan.

DATE VISITED: 19/6/93 REPORT BY: Tim Tatton-Brown

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