IOTAS Archaeological Studies Lecture Course March to November 2017 – Broadstairs

IOTAS Archaeological Studies Lecture Course 2017

Transitions in History, Archaeology and Myth: how did traditions change or survive?

1. The chosen few: Medway Megaliths – were Neolithic tombs burial places of elites, war-dead or sacrifices? Looking at evidence for a clash of faiths in Neolithic Britain. 13th March 2017

2. Broken circles: The End of the Bronze Age in Thanet and Kent – rituals and sites, and the coming of Iron. Might climate change have brought about the collapse of Bronze Age society? 10 April 2017

3. Pontifex Maximus: Julius Caesar in Kent – the impact of the Romans on British language,culture and religion. How much did the Roman occupation really change the native Britons? 8th May 2017

4. Gods, heroes or mercenaries?: Hengist and Horsa – Anglo-Saxon paganism and the coming of the English. Are the first English heroes mythical or rooted in reality as Tolkien believed? 12th June 2017

5. Domneva’s Deer: Saints and heroes – possible Pagan survivals in local hagiography. We look at the miracle tales of the early Christian saints did they incorporate aspects of an older faith? 10th July 2017

6. Dissolution: The history of St Augustine’s Abbey in Canterbury: The rise and fall of Monasticism in Kent from Augustine to Henry VIII. 11 Sept 2017

7. The Six Witches of Maidstone: The witch-trials of the 1600’s – origins, theories and facts. We look at documentary evidence of the trials and the social phenomena behind the persecutions. 9 Oct. 2017

8. The Hooden Horse: folk tradition or pagan survival? Analysis of a Kentish Christmas custom – do the roots of such traditions countrywide predate Christianity? 13 Nov. 2017

Lecturer – John Grigsby has lectured in archaeology and myth for the University of Kent, worked for English Heritage for 15 years and is now working for Canterbury Archaeological Trust while writing his PhD on Stonehenge with Tim Darvill

ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL – Fee for all eight lectures £80: individual lectures £12, including refreshments and course materials. Under 18s (minimum age 16): all eight lectures £65, individual lectures

£10 each. Course sessions are held in the hall at Crampton. Each session runs from 7.00-9.00 pm.

Limited places book early!

For course details and enrolment: , message us on our Facebook page (Isle of Thanet Archaeological Society), or write to IOTAS at our address below.

Isle of Tanet Archaeological Society
Room B, Crampton Tower Yard
High Street,
Kent CT10 2AB   Registered Charity No.275659


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March to November 2017 | 7 pm


Isle of Tanet Archaeological Society
Room B, Crampton Tower Yard
High Street,
Kent CT10 2AB


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