News Update from the KAS Annual General Meeting, 21st May 2016

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2016 and is filed under KAS News.

Your Council appreciates that many members may be unaware of the changes that occurred at this years AGM and this short note fills a gap before the publication of more details in the next issue of the KAS newsletter in the autumn.

During the last year 2015/16, the society lost two stalwarts due to their untimely deaths, Ian Coulson our president and Peter Stutchbury formerly our secretary.

I was elected to be your next president and look forward to continuing the programme of modernisation started by Ian.

The other contested election was initially for four places on council and there were five candidates. My election as president resulted in one additional vacancy on Council and hence all five candidates were elected at the AGM. Unfortunately, some members present at the AGM did not appreciate that all five candidates were duly elected without the need for stating the result and this was clarified at the meeting.

At the AGM, the society elected two additional patrons, Professor David Killingray who has been chair of the publications committee and Sir Robert Worcester who is a member of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust.

Bob Cockcroft stood down after a most difficult year as Honorary General Secretary and Clive Drew was elected to replace him. Bob now assists Clive and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work. I would also like to thank Mike Clinch who took over the role of President during the last year.

Ruiha Smalley, ably assisted by Anne Atkinson brings considerable knowledge on cataloguing to the post of Library Manager after Pernille Richards resigned to concentrate on her other work in Maidstone.

After many years as editor of the KAS newsletter, Lyn Palmer stood down and Richard Taylor will be producing his first newsletter in the autumn. Both Lyn and Richard have a background in education. I must thank both Lyn and Pernille for their hard work on behalf of the society.

Dr Gerald Cramp, President, Kent Archaeological Society

Patrons, Council Members and Officers of the Kent Archaeological Society

Patrons of the Society
The Viscount De L’Isle
A I Moffat
C R Pout
Dr J Whyman
The Countess Sondes
Professor David Killingray
Sir Robert Worcester

Council Members
The President                                      Dr Gerald Cramp
Honorary General Secretary               Clive Drew
Honorary Treasurer                             Barrie Beeching
Honorary Membership Secretary        Shiela Broomfield
Honorary Editor                                  Terry Lawson
Honorary Curator                                Dr Andrew Richardson

Vice Presidents  Mike Clinch, Rod Legear, Shiela Broomfield and Ted Connell

Other Members of Council
Hazel Basford, Chris Blair-Myers, David Brooks, Professor Kerry Brown, Peter Burton, Dr Robert Cockcroft, Roger Cockett, Dr Elizabeth Edwards, Jonathan Fryer, Paula Jardine-Rose, Kate Kersey, Dr Patricia Reid, Dr Sheila Sweetinburgh, Peter Titley, Clifford Ward, and Dr Stephen Willis

Other Posts of the Society
Publicity Officer                                 Paul Tritton
Library Manager                                Ruiha Smalley
Newsletter Editor                               Richard Taylor
Webmaster                                        Ted Connell

Appeal for Email Addresses
The society would like to communicate with as many members as possible through the email system. This saves the society time and money. Would all member who have not received this news update through the email system please let the membership secretary know using


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