385 M.I.s from Maidstone Road Cemetery, Chatham are now online

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385 Monumental Inscriptions from Maidstone Road Cemetery, Chatham (1869-1919) recorded by D.E. & B.J. Williams in 2016 are now online at


The cemetery, which opened in 1869, was needed because the Chatham burial ground at Whiffen’s Avenue was coming to the end of it’s life.
Initially of 12 acres, it was later expanded to the present 20 acres, a new 9 acres cemetery was opened in the 1920’s nearby, at Palmerston Road. the wealthier and most prominent citizens were buried nearer to the chapels, especially Sections R and J. The poorest, (from the workhouse), at the rear, where there are gates to allow segregated access from the workhouse. there are large areas of grass but I doubt that there were ever many monuments in these areas. most of the graves are orientated east-west but most of the graves in sections S.T.U.V. X. are north-south, these are non conformist and are close to the non conformist chapel. section CC, appears to be roman catholic.
The sections are the official sections. most boundaries are now obscured by the grassing over of paths, so I have combined groups of sections.


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