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The Roman Pottery of Kent
by Dr Richard J. Pollard  - Page xiii
Doctoral thesis completed in 1982, published 1988


The author would like to thank the many individuals and institutions consulted, for their advice and assistance. They are too numerous to list here, but are named either in the body of the study or in Appendices 1 and 5. However, the staff of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust merit especial mention for their hospitality and patience: the pottery analysts, Miss Marion Green and Mr Nigel Macpherson-Grant, may be singled out for their endeavours in this field of study. The following permitted unpublished items to be drawn for inclusion in this work, and the author is particularly indebted to them on this account: Mr J. Bradshaw; the late Mr S. Harker; Dr F. Jenkins; Mr T.A. Jones; the Department of the Environment; the British Museum; Maidstone Museum.
   It is a pleasure to acknowledge the constant advice and encouragement offered by Dr M. G. Fulford, whose guidance has been invaluable; to Dr Fulford, and indeed to all of the staff of the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, the author is deeply indebted. Misses J. 

Pulliblank and J. Fanshaw and Mrs. J. King are to be warmly congratulated on producing typescripts from my cramped manuscripts with the greatest patience. Thanks are due to the Kent Archaeological Society, and in particular to the Society’s Honorary Editor, Dr A. P. Detsicas, for the opportunity to publish my doctoral thesis in an abridged form. Finally, I would like to thank my parents, Mr and Mrs. J. A. Pollard, and my friends, in particular Ms W. Owen and Ms R. Wales, for their tolerance and encouragement during the years of struggle.
   The thesis was completed towards the end of 1982 and, but for minor revisions made in early 1985, remains unamended. Account should, therefore, be taken of the passage of time between writing and publication, particularly with regard to references to work in progress in the 1980s, and the sources of certain wares (e.g. ‘North Gaulish’ colour-coated ware, whose sources seem less assured in 1988 than they did in 1982 — R. Symonds, pers. comm.)

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