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The Roman Pottery of Kent
by Dr Richard J. Pollard  -  Chapter 4  page 101
Doctoral thesis completed in 1982, published 1988

Fig. 31. First- to second-century coarse wares: Distribution. + = absent.

4. The Coarse Wares of Central-Northern Kent

The most common types of the Hadrianic-Severan period in this region are roll-rim necked jars and jar/bowls and dog-dishes in reduced sandy wheel-thrown ware, and pie- and dog-dishes in BB2. There is a dearth of useful groups of pottery of Hadrianic to early Antonine date, but the pit at Radfield (Baxter and Mills 1978) may have been filled in the mid-second century with material of first- to mid second-century date. This pit included a Dressel 20 
amphora handle with a stamp of c. A.D. 120—160

 (Peacock in Baxter and Mills 1978); other coarse pottery that could be second century from this feature includes bead-rim and roll-rim necked jars (ibid., nos. 2 and 6), but characteristic ‘Canterbury’ forms such as lid-seated jars and flanged bowls are absent, as is BB2. The scarcity of Canterbury wares in central-northern Kent has been noted above (4.II.4). Flagons and mortaria possibly from this source have been recovered, the former particularly in the Ospringe cemetery, which was founded probably in the mid-second century. The grey sandy wares were probably local products, as BB2 jars of west Kent/Colchester(?)

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