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The Roman Pottery of Kent
by Dr Richard J. Pollard  -  Appendix 4  page 227
Doctoral thesis completed in 1982, published 1988


Key to Sources of Roman Pottery in Kent (Figs. 54—68) .

  I    Continental Sources (Figs. 54—61)

1:    Gallia Belgica - fine wares, coarse ware(?), mortaria(?)
  2:   Arrezo - Arretine ware
  3:   Southern Italy (Latium, Campania) - 'Pompeian Red' ware, wine amphorae,

  4:   Lyon - fine ware
  5:   Lezoux (Central Gaul) - samian, other fine wares
  6:   Allier valley (Central Gaul - Vichy, Les-Martres-de-Veyre) - samian, other fine wares,
          micaceous jars (? - q. v.
Pollard forthcoming, d)
  7:   South Gaul (La Graufesenque, Montans, Banassac) - samian, other fine ware
  8:   South Spain (Baetica) - olive oil and fish-sauce amphorae, fine ware
  9:   Lower Rhineland (including Cologne) - fine wares
10:   Northern France - fine wares(?), coarse ware, mortaria(?)
11:   Lower Rhone Valley - wine amphorae
12:   La Madeleine (East Gaul) - samian
13:   Blickweiler (East Gaul) - samian
14:   Kreis Düren (including Seller) - mortaria, coarse ware(?)
15:   Trier (East Gaul) - samian, other fine wares
16:   Rheinzabern - samian
17:   Argonne (including Lavoye, Les Allieux) - samian, other fine wares
:  Westerndorf (Raetia) - samian
19:   West Flanders - 'Pompeian Red' ware(?), coarse ware(?), other fine wares(?),

20 :  Loire-Gironde basin - fine ware 'A l'éponge'
21:   Eastern Mediterranean/Aegean - amphorae(?)
22:   The Eiffel (Mayen, Speicher) - coarse ware

II  British Sources (Figs. 62-68)

1:   Colchester - fine wares, samian(?), mortaria, coarse ware (BB2, plus others?)
  2:   Brockley Hill region (including Radlett, Bricket Wood) - mortaria, coarse ware,
         fine ware

  3:   Canterbury - coarse wares, mortaria, fine ware (mica-dusted, plus others?)
  4:   Eccles - fine wares, mortaria
  5:   West Kent/East Surrey - 'Patch Grove' coarse ware (other wares not specific to this region,
           e.g. shelly wares,
also produced hereabouts)
:   Thames Estuary - coarse wares (including BB2), mortaria(?), fine wares
  7.  Upchurch Marshes - fine wares, coarse wares

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