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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 113  1994  Index to Volumes 89 to 109  


 This Index covers volumes 89 and 91109 inclusive (19741991) of Archaeologia Cantiana, volume 90 being the preceding General Index. It includes all significant persons, places and subjects with the exception of the subjects of books reviewed.
   Volume numbers are shown in bold type; for instance 106. Illustrations are indicated by italic type, or by (illus.) placed before the volume number when illustrations occur throughout the text; for example. Sandwich, history of & buildings survey (illus.), 100, 189216. The letter n after a page number indicates that the reference will be found in a footnote and where a page has no number (pull-outs and some plates), it is referred to as either f facing or ff following.
   Alphabetisation is word by word. When people and places share the same name the entries for people are placed first. Women are indexed by their maiden name,
 where known, with cross references from any married names. In order to aid identification of individuals, people have been given a date, where possible. C1819 indicates a life spanning both centuries, C 18/19 on the other hand, indicates one or the other or both centuries as the exact dates are not known.
   All places within historic Kent are included and are arranged by civil parish. Places that fall within Greater London are to be found listed under their London Borough; for instance Orpington is cross referenced to and will be found under Bromley (London Borough). Places outside Kent that play a significant part in the text are included followed by their post 1974 county. Place names with two elements (e.g. East Peckham. Upper Hardres) will be found indexed under their full place-name.

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