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 Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 101 - 1984  page 333
Kent Archives Office: Major Accessions, 1981—83. By Nigel Yates continued

Miscellaneous business records
Blacksmith’s accounts, possibly of William Lash of Chislehurst, 1793—1805 (U2475)

   Memorandum book of Henry Hall (Reader at Middle Temple) 1590—1649, includes notes of his son, George, a J.P. of Maidstone (U2483)
   Sketchbook of water-colours of tour through Kent and Sussex by Thomas Baskerfield 1792 (U2668)
   Account of visit to Herne Bay 1835 (U2491)
   Diary of journey from London to Paris via Thanet and Folkestone by
   S. Daniele 1844, including 22 engravings (U2666)
    Menu book for Lee Court, Ickham 1751—63 (U2434)
    Grangerised memoir of William Lambarde c. 1800—1925 (U2492)
   School exercise-books, Chiddingstone 1897—1900 (U2657)
   Grangerised account of Hoiwood, Keston c. 1800—1870 (U2493)
   Sacrament certificate, Maidstone 1748 (U2561)

   Electioneering addresses and squibs 1734—1827 (U2498)
   Notice of footpath diversion at Knowlton 1825 (U2605)
   Tracings, estimates, specifications for heating system in New Hythe church 1894 and design for pulpit at the same 1895 (U2603)
   Hop measurer’s account books 1946, 1951 (U2595)
   Aerial photographs of Detling airfield and Kent showground 1941, 1981 (U2455)
   Hand-bill advertisements for Gravesend tradesmen c. 1900 (U2564)
   Scripts for local history radio talks, written and presented by Richard Garrett for BBC Radio Medway c. 1979—81 (U2539)
   Stowting W.I. minutes 1919—23 (U2414)
   Vouchers for Dover Burial Board 1903—09 with list of plot numbers and graves 1869—70 (U2476)
    Registers of licensed motor vehicles: Canterbury City Council’s Motor Taxation Department 1962—80 (U2429)

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