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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 74 - 1960  page 171

Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1959-60

   Cinque Ports Confederation [CAT. Mk. CP] (on temporary deposit for three years). Brotherhood and Guestling: White and Black books, 1433-1957 ; minutes, commissions, circular letters, petitions, etc., 1536-1902. Custumals and related papers, c. 1600-1657. Cinque Ports Liberties: charters, 1327, 1634, 1685 ; agreement with Lord Warden, 1574; estreats, quieti, etc. 1610-1806. Naval and military papers including accounts for sending ship and hoy on the 1596 Cadiz expedition, 1522-1694. Lord Warden and Court of Shepway: papers, petitions, proceedings, etc., 1588-1934. Yarmouth Fair: proclamation, c. 1600; bailiffs’ relations, 1582-1643 ; lists of ships, etc., 1550-1660.
   Courts of the Lord Warden and Office of Registrar [CAT. Mk CPw]. Commissions of Salvage, 1853, 1873 ; appointments of surrogates, etc., 1777-1899 ; Court of Admiralty: case papers, 1676, 1754-1906, court books, 1632-1741 ; Court of Chancery: court books, 1615-1762; Court of Lodemanage: commission, 1829, pilots’ examination books, 1709-1853, list of pilots, 1834-52, polling lists for masters of Lodemanage, 1806-43, papers and correspondence, 1810-50, returns of pilots’ earnings,

1833-4 ; and of vessels piloted, 1850-3, court books, 1721-3, 1794-1851 Registrar bread accounts for debtors’ prison, 1814-48 ; permission for coursing in Dover Warren, 1741, miscellaneous papers, 1815-1916.

   Bromley [CAT. Mk. Br]. 133 deeds of Bromley and Hayes, 1851-1935; plans of old market hail and proposed rebuilding of Market Square, 1933.
   Deal [CAT. Mk. De]. Assembly minutes, 1710-1852; Watch Committee minutes, 1836-89 ; militia lists, 1798—early 19th century; Deal Canal Committee minutes, 1825 ; pavement commissioners, 1789-1874; cinque port records, 1803-57 ; borough court of record, 1707-1836; petty sessions, 1749-86, 1842-50 ; quarter sessions books, 1719-1899 oaths of allegiance, etc., 1714-1924 ; juror’s lists, 1836-95 ; counsels’ opinions, 1717-1855; plans of workhouse, court hail, gaol, chapel and street plans, 1734,1890 ; accounts etc. of chapel, 1707-1830 ; minutes and accounts of Soup Kitchen Committee, 185 1-1922 ; lists of freemen, 1699-1835 ; lists of burgesses, 1860-1913 ; poll books, 1800-35

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