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    Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959  page 226
                    Researches and Discoveries in Kent continued

A report detailing the area investigated is in the Otford and District Historical Society’s records.
   Ironically, at the time of writing, mechanical excavators have just resumed operations and revealed further graves in removing more of the roadside bank on the west side of A21 at the northern extremity of the area covered by the plan on p. 278 of Arch. Cant., LXX. Observation on the site is being maintained.

   It is understood that a major project for the straightening of the A21 road up Polhill is contemplated, which if carried out may endanger much of "Danes Trench ". This fine earthwork, defensive in character but of unknown origin, follows the foot of the steep slope of Polhill to the east of the road for a distance of some six hundred yards.
                                                                  A. P. Stoyel.


   A recent accession to the Museum (accession no. 84.1958) has been the bottom portion of a beehive quern

made of puddingstone. It was found in the Newlands Sandpit of Messrs. H. R. King and Company. This pit lies to the West of Newlands medieval chapel and it, was there that Mr. Alan Warhurst, Mr. Ronald Haynes and the writer found a great deal of fragments of Belgic pottery in 1952. At least one complete Belgic pot (Museum Accession No. 23.1952) has come from the site.
   Dimensions of quern, Greatest diameter, 1 ft. ˝ in. Height, approx. 34 in. There are remains of a metal central pivot.

   A Chatham ˝d. token of Richard Ien, 1668 (Williamson’s Boyne, No. 95), was recently found on the site of the Old Brewery, Theobalds Square, Rochester. Museum Accession No. 11.1959.

The gold solidus of the Emperor Valentinian (A.D. 364-375), found at Dully Wood, Doddington, and mentioned in Arch. Cant., XXV, pp. lxvi-lxvii, has now been presented by our member, Mr. Ronald Haynes, to Maidstone Museum (Accession No. 9.1959).

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