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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 220
                    Researches and Discoveries in Kent continued

   In 1953 (Arch. Cant. Vol. LXVIII, 144) finds of Roman kilns and graves were reported from a site at Chalk near Gravesend (Grid. Ref. 690732). It was thought at that time that the closing of the gravel pit would put an end to further discoveries, but after the pit had closed a small portion of unexcavated ground in its north-east corner showed traces of Roman occupation and further investigation has resulted in the discovery of the remains of two kilns together with some unrelated but interesting pottery of first-century type.

   The two kilns overlapped, one having been destroyed to make way for the other. The remains of the later and more complete kiln consisted of a combustion chamber, roughly circular in shape, having a diameter of 5 feet 6 in., with the firing point at the west end. The kiln appeared to be an updraft kiln of Grimes type II (Y Cymmroder) but there were some variations of interest.

Fig. 7. Kiln at Chalk. First century pottery.

  The oven floor of the kiln appeared to have been supported on a central column made from a solid mass of clay circular in shape with diameter of 2 feet 4 in., and 8 in. high. This column appears to have been baked in situ by the firing of the kiln which has resulted in the formation of a massive ring of very hard baked clay about 4 in. thick

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