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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 73 - 1959  page 205
Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1958-59  Continued

   White MSS. [Cat. Mk. U700] presented by Rev. A. C. White. Manorial records of Ashurst, 1662-1781.
   Barton Court Estate [Cat. Mk. 1J239 addnl.] presented by the Hon. Lady Trower. Deeds for Upper Hardres and Stelling and the advowson of Upper Hardres with Stelling, 1794-1853; wills and settlements of the Hougham family, 1694-1829.
   National Provident Institution [Cat. Mk. U705]. Manorial records for Shadoxhurst, 1604-1833 ; Four hundred and fifty deeds for Benenden, Biddenden, Kingsnorth, Knockholt, Shadoxhurst, Smarden, Warehorne, Woodchurch, 1578-1878; maps of Biddenden, 1785, Tenterden, 1861.
   Croft MSS. [Cat. Mk. U709] deposited by Messrs. Waterhouse & Co., London. Twenty-three deeds for Doddington and Strood, 1804-1906; business papers of Croft & Co., wine merchants at Oporto, Portugal, 1824-57 ; accounts, correspondence etc. of Doddington estate, 1756-1852 ; notices, etc. concerning railways through Strood. 1826-1855.
  Gravesend Public Library Cat. [Mk. U713]. One 
Messrs. Winterbot ham, Ball & Oadsden, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Cat. Mk. U718]. Fifty-seven deeds of Penge and Ramsgate, 1786-1930.
Messrs. Williamson & Barnes, Deal Cat. Mk. U725]. Manorial records of Court Ash in Deal, 1750-1834, Deal Prebend, 1708, Chamberlains Fee in Deal, 1653-1804; agreement for erection and maintenance of Deal Assembly 

House, 1797-8 ; catalogue of goods saved from Iris wrecked at Deal, 1807 ; papers concerning ships, pilots, prizes, customs etc.~ 1718-1857 ; collection of decrees of Mayor, Jurats and Common hundred and eighty deeds for Birling, Cobham, Gravesend, Milton, Shorne, Swanscombe, Trottiscliffe, Warehorne, 1546-1835; petition in support of Hundred of Hoo Railway, 1865.
   Lushington MSS. Cat. [Mk. U716] deposited by G. L. Lushington, Esq. About 550 deeds and papers concerning Chillington manor and land, etc., in Boxley, Maidstone, Detling, Thurnham, Hartlip, Bearsted, Milstead, Tonge, Doddington, Minster-in-Sheppey, Bobbing, Linsted, Wye, Godmersham, Boughton Aluph, Rodmersham, 1688-1934.
   Best MSS. Cat. [Mk. U480 addnl.] deposited by Sir John Best Shaw. Household inventories, 1815-75 ; wills etc. of Best family, 1754-1871 papers concerning army career of Mawdistley Gaussen Best in Ionian Islands, Gibraltar, Crimea and India, including diaries, 1838-1902; sketches made in Ireland, East Indies, Africa and elsewhere, 1827-32 diary of journey to Constantinople, Venice, Trieste and Germany, 1844; pedigree papers, 1834-1900; wills etc. of Brooke and Shaw families, 1720-1870 ; household accounts and recipes, 1824-1936 estate and personal correspondence, Best family, 1789-1898 ; statutes, reports, etc. concerning Rochester Bridge, 1733-1833 ; plans of Park House, Boxley, c. 1850-1900.

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