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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 73 - 1959  page 202

Kent Archives Office—Accessions, 1958-59

THE principal accessions received in the County Archives Office between 1st August, 1958, and 31st July, 1959, have been

   The Corporation of Faversham have deposited with the office for a period of five years the greater part of the Faversham Borough Records. excluding the charters and a few other documents. A catalogue is not yet available. Details will be given in the accession list for next year.

   Diocese of Rochester [Cat. Mk. DR] deposited by the Diocesan Registrar. Act Books : all business including instance, 1436-1535, 1567-1610, probate 1544-8, 1675-94, 1711-12, ex officio, 1587-1606, 1624-5 ; deposition books, 1541-71, 1631-6 ; clerical subsidy assessment, 1523-33; marriage allegations, 1715-98; administration bonds, 1685-1774; convocation mandates, 1730-1806; churchwardens’ presentments, 1700-1811 ; induction mandates, 1550-1858 ; glebe terriers, 1615-1834; meeting house certificates, 1728-1854, including a few for Essex and Hertfordshire, 1849-52; 

sequestration papers, 1719-54 licences of parish clerks, 1719-1865, of midwives and surgeons, 1719-96. Deanery of West Mailing: ex officio act book, 1630-6.
   Cliffe Peculiar [Cat. Mk. Cp] deposited by the Diocesan Registrar. Marriage bonds and licences, 1762-1822; court book of manor of Parsons Borough, 1578-1740; citation mandates, court minutes and presentments, 1719-1840.

(a) Diocese of Canterbury
   Broomfield  [Cat. Mk. P222B] Churchwardens, 1712-49, 1791-1889; inventories, 1807, c. 1880 ;  overseers, 1695-1888 ; bastardy, 1745-1822 ; census return, 1831 ; valuations, 1864-8 ; surveyors, 1700-1848 ; map of parish, 1808 ; posters of Leeds Prosecuting Society. c. 1840.
   Charing  [Cat. Mk. P78] Registers, 1590-1853 ; tithe accounts, I693-1742 ; churchwardens, 1590-1931 ; vestry, 1701-1912, including select vestry, 1824-34; overseers, 1725-1860 ; workhouse accounts, 1804-34; list of removal orders, 1697-1843 ; surveyors, 1792-1860 register or briefs, 1706-40.

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