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Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 195

Chiddingstone Early Poor Law Accounts. By June Gibbons continued

was levied from 1603 to 1605 but after that the account of the stock ends and the remainder appears to have been used up in casual payments to the poor.
    It is impossible to make even a guess at the number of poor in any year. Each overseer made a list of every payment made and the same names occur many times in the list and sometimes in the list of more than one overseer. The payments vary from 4d. to a poor vagrant to quite large sums for the support of children and widows. From 1607 onwards, the overseers acted as trustees for the

 legacies of Streitfield and John Pellsatt of 2 12s. 0d. a year.
   The accounts are still kept in the parish church. They are a valuable source for the social history of Chiddingstone and provide an almost continuous history of poor relief when such records are comparatively scarce. Chiddingstone appears to have been a model parish in carrying out the provisions of the Elizabethan and Stuart Poor Laws.

Page 195 

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