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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 190
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

that it would be possible to pay more than 2% if they were to maintain a surplus and repay their creditors.
   The officers of the Trust were:
       Clerk. J. N. Dudlow (in 1843)
       Treasurers — Sutton (dead in 1861)
                             H. Wildes appointed 1861
                             J. N. Dudlow appointed 1877.
       Surveyors.      John Norris (removed 1837)
                             Thomas Taylor Collis (1837-1876)
                              John Collis (joint surveyor with his
                                     brother T. T. Collis 1854-1866)
                             H. H. Chapman of Snodland 1877.

   When the Minute Book opens John Norris is the surveyor but it was reported in 1837 that there were various irregularities in the conduct of the affairs of the Trust and that the Road was not properly managed. Norris was therefore ‘removed’ and Thomas Taylor Collis was appointed. He was a member of the family of Collis well known among Kentish Trusts, and his salary was £20 p.a. He held this office till near the end of the Trust when the family failing showing itself, he had some difference of opinion with the Trustees, and failed to attend a meeting. His ‘Absence was noted with regret’ and his salary stopped from Dec. 31st 1876. A full and complete account of the money in his possession and a full statement of expenditure 

being demanded gives a clue to the trouble. It is evident that the Surveyor was allowed to hold considerable sums of money for current payments, sometimes well over £100. This is the result of too little supervision by the Trustees, too few meetings and too few Trustees taking any active part in the control of the road. John Collis appears to have been appointed assistant to his brother as a kind of foreman of the labourers and between the two of them they had almost complete control of the maintenance of the road.
   The finances of the Trust were managed entirely by the Treasurer, and as the Tolls were practically always let there was little labour involved in this matter. Payment of Interest or Principal and the imprest account of the Surveyor seem to comprise the whole of his duties with the exception of the preparation of an annual statement of accounts. From these the following table’ is compiled. There does not appear ever to have been a proper balance sheet.

Note.  In the last column of the following table figures as £500—£250 indicate that the lenders of £500 were willing to accept £250 in full settlement of their loan. This was the outcome of many deliberations in 1852 and the provisions of the Act 14/15 Vie. e.58.

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