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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 186
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

pd Mr. Buss for over duty                 0— 1— 7½
pd Stephen Woollet for Wood          0— 1— 6
pd Mr. Filmer for 25 faggots             0— 2— 0
pd for 2 Courts a day                        0— 5— 0
Jno Wells for over duty                     0— 0— 9
pd for scouring pinnock to James      0— 1— 0
pd to Mr. Wm. Austen                     0— 7— 6
pd to Rich. Wells over work             0— 1— 6

   Dec. ye 26th 1732
These accts were taken by us whose names are under written and it appears
The Survey’s have disbursed            24—15—10
And have Received                          25— 1— 9
So they are in Pocket                         0— 5—11

Persons nominated for Survey’s for ye ensuing year
      James Love           John Wells jun      Robt Love
      George Mitchell     Dav. Austen         John Farley
      Tho. Bridgham       Thos. Viney         Willm Wood
   X Walter Hodge   X Thomas Hollands

   Jan. 4th. 1732. We appoint Walter Hodge and Thomas Hollands Surveyors for the year ensuing
     Due to the Parish             00—05—11
                                                        Saml Boys
                                                        Jno. Cookes.


   It is not easy to understand the underlying reasons for the construction of this road. It was undertaken at a late date when there was more than a whisper in the air that the days of Turnpikes were numbered, there was a very good road on the other side of the Medway River from both Rochester and Chatham to Maidstone and so by another turnpike to Malling and of course there was the river itself that had been and still was carrying all kinds of merchandise, though not as far as is known any considerable passenger traffic. A road on the west bank of the river existed from Strood, via Cuxton and Haling to Snodland but beyond the latter place only a winding lane led southwards to the Wrotham and Maidstone turnpike. Far-seeing eyes too might have seen in 1825 signs and portents of another line of communication, the

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