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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 175
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

a mile south of Staplehurst Church and a ‘pinnock’ is the, term for a drain under a gateway entrance to a field, its purpose being to carry away surface water from the road. Tree trunks were sometimes bored and used for this purpose and were generally known as ‘trunks’. The phrase ‘a day a court’ is an unusual one and the County Archivist (Dr. Felix Hull) suggested that it might possibly mean ‘a day a cart’ which, in a list of statutory duties is just what might be expected, i.e. the supply of a conveyance for road material. This receives confirmation from the N.E.D. which says:— 
   Court (Obs.) Some kind of a cart for carrying stone,       bricks, lime, sand and the like. 
   and further gives the illuminating reference
   1576. Act 18 Eliz. c. 10 "Every person shall be charged to find one Cart, Wain, Tumbril, Dungpot or Court, Sleads, Cars or Drays, furnished for Repairing of the Highways.
   The expenditure on the roads in 1731 is only £18 but it must be remembered that there were many duties performed that were uncharged, but when these duties were commuted expenditure naturally increased. Thus in 1757 the expenditure was nearly £70. The general complaint against the parish Surveyor was that he repaired the ways most in use by the inhabitants but neglected the  

through roads as much as possible without it becoming too obvious, otherwise the Justices were empowered to specify the roads to be repaired. But the whole system, was too unsatisfactory to maintain a main highway in good surface for the ever increasing volume of road traffic and the inadequate service of the unqualified and often reluctant parish surveyor made the coming of the Turnpike Trust inevitable.

   1731. The Receipts of William Day and Stephen Woollet Surveyo’s of the High Ways in the Parish of Staplehurst for the year above written.
Mr. James Love a Load of Stones
More in Money                                  1— 3— 7½
Mr. Steph. Love 1 Load of Stones     0—10— 3 
Mr. Robt. Love 2 Load of Stones
and 2 days a Court.
More in Money.                                 0— 9— 8 
Mr. Wm. Austen 1 day a Court
and 4 days Labour
More in Money                                  0— 2— 6 
Mr. Day. Austen 2 Load of Stones
Henry Appleton 2 Load of Stones
More in Money                                  0— 6— 4½

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