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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 171
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

Dimensions as set down figured and shown by the Drawings marked ‘B’ signed by the said John Corbett and shall and will cover the new Arches with Clay eight Inches thick well tempered and rammed and parget or plaister the Recess to be cut for indenting the new Pier that no Jot or Lodgment may remain and shall and will cut a Chase Nine Inches Square for the Indent of the new Pier and erect two Portland Stone Arches with Proper Bond Stones agreeable to the Design shown by the Elevation signed by the said John Corbett marked ‘A’ and also a Portland Weathered Cap properly worked as shown by the Drawings on the salient Angle also signed by the said John Corbet marked ‘A’ and shall and will make a Portland String at least Ten Inches high weathered and properly worked and cramped at the Joints with Bond Stones every Six Feet on the set off and parralel (sic) Portland Coping Eighteen Inches Wide Four Inches thick properly worked and throated on the Parapet Wall with Portland Caps Twentytwo Inches wide Four Inches thick properly sunk and throated on each Pier except Four which are to be Twentytwo Inches wide and Eight Inches thick weathered to Four Inches on the Edge properly worked and throated all the Coping and the Caps to be cramped and run with Lead and shall and will provide Seven Bond Stones Four Feet long each to be worked in the Piers and Wall Seven Tailing Stones to be laid in the Earth as shall be directed with Two large Holes cut in each and run with Lead for Iron Ties to be Corked 

(i.e. Caulked) into he the said John Corbett his Executors or Administrators finding and providing all Cramps and Lead for running Cramps and Ties And also that he the said John Corbett his Executors or Administrators shall and will provide three Iron Ties thirty Feet long each and One and a half Inch Square with double Corkens at each End of Six Inches Deep each Four Iron Ties Eight feet long and a New Iron Gate to the Garden adjoining to the Bridge according to the Drawing signed by the said John Corbett marked ‘A’ The side wall to be built battering to the Stone String and all the Rest of the Wall to be built Perpendicular and the whole to be conformable to the Plans Elevations and Sections thereof signed by the said John Corbett. All the Bricks to be good sound hard Grey Stocks and no soft or samele Bricks (Samel—Imperfectly burnt or soft brick or tile) to be used on any Account whatever All the exterior Brickwork to be bright coloured second Marle Stock Bricks laid in a neat fiat Joint jointed the Mortar to be compounded of well burnt Lime and River Sand in the Proportions of One Bushell of Lime to Two Bushells of Sand to be proved by the Lime Merchant’s Bill if required All the old Materials that are sound and fit and approved by the Surveyor to be used and the Remainder to be the Property of the said John Corbett his Executors or Administrators And that he the said John Corbett his Executors or Administrators shall and will in all

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