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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 170
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

and Conditions hereinafter mentioned and expressed, NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS that the said John Corbett in consideration of the Sum of Two hundred and sixty five Pounds Twelve Shillings and Six Pence to be paid him as hereinafter mentioned HATH covenanted contracted and agreed and by these Presents DOTH for himself his Executors and Administrators covenant contract and agree to and with the said Charles Brett John Cator William Goodhew William Allen and William Flower their Executors and Administrators in manner following (that is to say) that he the said John Corbett his Executors or Administrators shall and will within such time as shall be appointed by the Surveyor of the Work hereinafter contracted and agreed for well and truly execute and perform or cause to be executed and performed in a good sound and workmanlike manner under the Direction and to the Satisfaction of the Surveyor appointed or to be appointed by the Trustees of the said Roads or any Five or more of them for the time being, the several Works hereinafter particularly mentioned and described at and to the Bridge called Deptford Bridge aforesaid (that is to say) that he the said John Corbett his Executors or Administrators shall and will put up a Two Rail Fence or Hoard to inclose the Work to be done on the South Side of the said Bridge and provide and drive Ten Fir Piles Six Inches Square to the Center Pier Nine Piles Six Inches Square under each Side Pier and lay Fir Sleepers Six 

Inches Square and Two Inch Fir Plank under the  Foundation of each Pier so and in such Manner that the Bridge may be Widened on the South Side according to the Plan signed by the said John Corbett marked ‘A’ (Note. This plan is not with the Contract) and shall and will make Two proper Centers for turning the large Arches and one for the small Arch in the Center between the large Arches and shall and will take down all the Stone Work on the South Side of the said Bridge to the Crown of the Arches and all the Stone Work on the same Side from the Bridge Westward and shall and will make proper Dams (so as not to obstruct the Current of the Land Water) to keep the Ground dry for driving the Piles and working up the Piers to the said Bridge and shall and will well and substantially build up the Piers of the said Bridge faced with Kentish Rag or Portland Stone bonded from Side to Side cramped and run with Lead all laid in Terras and jointed in Terras (Tarras or Terras—to cover, coat, or lay with plaster—O.E.D.) and filled in with hard Stock Bricks worked solid and flushed up and shall and will also build up the Foundations of the Wall from the Arches Westward with Portland Stone or Kentish Rag laid and jointed in Terras Bond Stones (at least) thro’ the Wall all cramped and run with Lead backed or filled in with grey Stock Bricks worked solid and flushed up and shall and will build up the Rest of the Piers Arches Walls and Brickwork of the several Heigthe Thicknesses and

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