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     Archaeologia Cantiana Vol. 73 - 1959 page 169
More Notes on Kentish Roads. By F. C. Elliston-Erwood, F.S.A.  continued

   1789. Sep. 26th. Further work on the pavement of the Bridge.
   1790. Feb. 20th. Defective drains on the Bridge to be cleared out.
   1790. May 29th. Adjoining owners ask for compensation for damage. 񋇟0 asked, 񊳱0 offered.
   1791. April 30th. An enquiry as to the excessive cost of maintaining the Bridge and Road.
   1792. Feb. 18th. The Bridge again in need of repair.
   1792. Mar. 31st. Repairs to be considered when Mr. Mason the adjoining owner consents.
   1792. May 26th. Consent given provided that tenants rights are not infringed.
   1792. Oct. 27th. The cost of repairs etc. again before the Trustees. Corbett paid 127 off his bill.
   1792. Nov. 24th. The balance of Corbett抯 account paid.
  1793. Nov. 30th. 20 tons of flints laid on the paving of the Bridge.
   1794. July 26th. The Bridge to be paved with Aberdeen granite.
   1794. Aug. 30th. The cost of paving with granite so excessive that the resolution is rescinded and the use of flint continued.
   1797. Apr. 29th. An estimate for paving the Bridge roadway 900. 

There are many entries after this date relating to the Bridge

but here are sufficient details to give an idea of the cost of maintaining what was in effect the only gateway into the County and the Dover Road.

BRIDGE. 11 MAY 1789.

      ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT made this Eleventh Day  hundred and eighty nine BETWEEN John Corbett the Younger of Lewisham in the County of Kent, Carpenter, of the one Part and Charles Brett, John Cator, William Goodhew, William Allen and William Flower, five of the Trustees for putting in Execution an Act of Parliament passed in the Twenty-first Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, Intituled "An Act for more effectually repairing the Road leading from the Stone抯 End in Kent Street in the Parish of Saint George Southwark to Dartford and other Roads therein mentioned in the Counties of Kent and Surry and for other Purposes, of the other Part:
WHEREAS the Trustees of the said Roads did at a General Meeting held on the Twenty first Day of February last resolve to widen the Bridge called Deptford Bridge on the South Side over which Bridge Part of the Turnpike Road under the Direction of the said Trustees lies, and the said Trustees have agreed with the said John Corbett for performing the necessary Works for widening the same upon the Terms

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